Kristen Taekman: Heather Wasn’t There For Me


Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to talk about the cast trip to Montana. Kristen admits she freaked out in the woods, says Heather wasn’t there for her and explains why the trip was emotional for her.

Kristen writes, “I am the first to admit, I am certainly not the hostess with the “mostest.” I am not about excess and over indulgence of amenities and pampering. However, some of my travelmates have much higher expectations and needs when it comes to what they expect from their leisure stays. I was just so excited to be on a girls’ trip and not have to worry about children waking up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, having breakdowns and cleaning bottles. I thought tending to children was a lot of work, but golly some of these woman are way more high maintenance — to the point they needed a butler to wait on them. Oh vey!!!

Lu and Sonja are really butting heads! Lu is really making some valid points, and Sonja just constantly is dismissing her feelings and her perspective. I think it was really hurting Lu’s feelings. And Ramona loves to chime in there and rub it in Lu’s face and stir the pot. But let’s be honest, Ramona wants Sonja all to herself so it isn’t surprising.

REPELLING: Ugh just watching this was horrible for me. Having to relive it all. . .wah wah I am such a cry baby. I know I am and I am admitting it. I do these things because I CAN and WANT prove to myself and to my friends that I can do it, and yes I only need to do it once and NOT AGAIN. But I am I happy almost a year later that I did it.

Oddly, I feel that there is a part of me that wants to prove to Heather that I want to do these crazy things. Not sure why I feel I need to do that but I do.

This ROCK was straight down 165 ft. It was no joke. SCARY!!! I felt completely out of control and vulnerable. Elvis got me down that rock. I was singing Elvis songs the whole time. “Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel. . .”

Having a great cry does feel like a wonderful orgasm. That cry is what I needed.

Geocaching: #cabinfever #Bossy

Lu said it best — Heather and I had some major cabin fever. I felt that I needed her as my friend and she wasn’t there for me. The other woman were beating me down since the moment I got there, and I just lost it in the woods. Lost it. It all just boiled over for me.

I was emotionally raw from repelling, physically and mentally exhausted from planning and being on the trip, and, of course, I had a bunch to drink at lunch. I felt that my feet were finally on the ground and that I was back in control and I thought this GPS was going to get us all back on track. Not so much, but looking back I was exhausted and acting a bit irrational. Ooooops!”

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  1. Kristen behaved like a big baby. When you are really friends, you give your friend the benefit of the doubt. If she doesn’t want to geo-cache so be it! Kristen was feeling vulnerable and wanted to bring Heather down with her. Kristen never sees another’s point of view.

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