Kristen Taekman and Brandi Glanville Spotted Having Lunch


Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives of New York City may be surprised of the friendship Brandi Glanville and Kristen Taekman share, but these two are proving that this is a match made in heaven! The blonde beauties were spotted having lunch together this past Monday at Farfalle restaurant in Los Angeles.



Taekman tweeted of her dear friend Glanville:

Kristen recently defended Brandi during the RHONY reunion calling her a “great friend.”

As times are tough for Kristen- her and her husband Josh are one of the millions of couples dealing with the Ashley Madison scandal. It became public knowledge that her husband used the online site which encourages married people to start an affair.

Photo Credits: Jack Hammer/


17 Replies to “Kristen Taekman and Brandi Glanville Spotted Having Lunch”

    1. Right? LVP/Kyle looks more like the “mean queen taking her lackey to lunch” haha.
      Love Brandi & Kristen’s friendship. That’s real friendship.

  1. just another thought on this…. notice where they are sitting…. strategic planning… right out in the open so all the paps can photograph them…. geezz so obvious.

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