Kristen Doute Talks Relationship With Ex James Kennedy


The sexy SURvers on Vanderpump Rules are finally back on the screen and while this week’s episode was a juicy and fun one, the drama was definitely on display. Though she no longer works at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant Kristen Doute is still a cast member of the show and recently spoke with Radar Online about the intensity between her and now ex-boyfriend Jason Kennedy.

During the first episode we saw James get a little out of hand yelling at Kristen for showing up at his workplace, claiming she had a drinking problem, and got drunk at Scheana Shay’s 30th birthday party. Now that the couple is broken up, Kristen spoke out about what went wrong in the relationship.

“He’s a little immature, belligerent, maybe an a**? It’s no big shocker that we break up. I got sick of taking care of him and cleaning up his messes,” Doute continued. “His drinking and belligerence … maybe I got a taste of my own medicine from my previous behavior, but I’m definitely not proud of the way he’s treated me.”

She also shared, “He had a purpose in my life. He was my rebound to get over Tom.” Ouch!

But since then Kristen confirmed that she is having fun and has since moved on. “I am dating, and it’s not James, so that’s exciting,”

For the next episode’s sneak peak we saw that James gets over Kristen just as fast and starts hooking up with new SURver and cast member of the show LaLa.

“Lala is not my favorite person. When I first found out about the possibility of them hooking up — whether when it was when we were together or not together — I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt. But she reminds me too much of James. I don’t have time for people like that.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo