Kristen Doute Says James Kennedy Can “Die in Hell”


Kristen Doute stepped out for Scheana Shay’s birthday at Foxwoods Resort Casino in CT on May 7th and she didn’t have nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy.

When asked if she was still in a relationship with Kennedy, Kristen told HollywoodLife, “James and I don’t exist ever. Actually that’s the first I have said that name in a really long time. Like who? The name that should not be repeated? No. He can die in hell.”

“[I’m dating ] Carter… who the viewers have seen on season four at the very end. He was like the second or third bearded man. We’ve been together for nine months. We live together… s***’s official,” she revealed.

Oh, it’s a picture of perfection and the postcard’s gonna read “fuck yeah we can live like this…” 🎶

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you know when you find that person? this is my person ❤️ #MCM @itsarealbeard

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Doute was also asked if she had any feelings on being sober, since it was a hot topic throughout season four, she said, “F*** no. Why be sober… that’s so boring? Like when… for a day? Maybe on a Sunday or something.”

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3 Replies to “Kristen Doute Says James Kennedy Can “Die in Hell””

  1. I am glad Kristen has left the little twerp behind. I never got that whole thing in the first place. His total conceit and being so in love with everything about himself is her own fault. Even on Reality I haven’t seen that kind of delusional conceit in a long time, if ever. Sheesh, he looks in the mirror and sees who? I’ll have to go with the men from my time being I don’t even know the names of the stars of today’s youth. Let’s see….Harrison Ford. Tom Cruise. Benjamin Bratt. He sure as hell can’t be seeing what he really looks like. I mean, if he was simply confident or something that would be one thing, but this thing where he speaks of himself as if he is the next and best looking musical genius of all time is obtuse at best. He will drink himself to death or drink himself out of a professional career if he drinks at all. The ONLY reason he has any kind of musical thing goin’ is because of Lisa Vanderpump. He loses her backing, bye bye.

  2. I like the guy Kristen is with now. It doesn’t look like he’ll disappoint. Hopefully Kristen has learn by now how to treat and be treated by a man.

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