Kristen Doute Reveals How She Finally Got Closure With Tom Sandoval

If you’re a fan of Vanderpump Rules you know most of the heated conversations between the SURvers take place in the alleyway behind the restaurant. So why is that? Kristen Doute says it’s all Lisa Vanderpump’s fault.

“Tom [Sandoval] and I were in an alleyway as if we were in the back of SUR,” Kristen Doute recently told The Daily Dish, recalling her argument with her ex-boyfriend outside the bar in New Orleans during the group trip to Nola. “It’s like PTSD or Something. Those alleyways, I don’t know, it’s like SUR has sort of trained us that that’s where we get in brawls. So it’s Lisa [Vanderpump]’s fault, I guess, that we fight in alleyways.”

This specific argument between Kristen and Tom led to closure for the couple, Kristen said. “This whole Sandoval thing, it was so bizarre for me in New Orleans ’cause he said in his little interview bite it’s a closed book for him. But if it was a closed book, why was he still talking badly about me to [my boyfriend] Carter? So now what three-plus years later the fact that he was trying to trash my relationship, well then it’s not a closed book for you clearly,” she said. “So as much as I hated that drunken, awful alleyway conversation, I think it was so necessary. [It was] like we’re both done. We’re both happy. Let’s just stop trashing each other. Who cares?”

“I need to stay out of alleyways. I think that’s the lesson learned,” she joked.

Relive Tom and Kristen’s latest alleyway confrontation below.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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