Kristen Doute Reacts to James Kennedy’s Firing


James Kennedy cried when Lisa Vanderpump finally fired him from SUR and PUMP on Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and I don’t think it’s a secret that his co-stars will be happy about this news… especially his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute.

“I feel like we all should have celebrated so hard,” Doute told The Daily Dish. “I kept thinking about when I got fired a couple of years ago and everyone did their celebratory dance. And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, why are we not popping bottles right now?’ This is the greatest thing to have ever happened.”

Kristen said that she was proud of Lisa for “finally not giving [James] that 85th chance.” “James had so many more chances than I did. And I was actually good at my job. He’s not even a good DJ. I don’t think he was a good busser, and Lisa still gave him more chances,” Kristen said. “I think she just had this little soft spot for his sad, poor, little broken heart. But come on, it’s all a game. Like, victimizing yourself over something like that, we all have hardships. I don’t feel bad for him.”

“The way he talked to Ken, oh my God. I can’t imagine in a million years ever, ever speaking to Ken like that,” Kristen said. “He’s lucky that Ken didn’t knock him out.”

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12 Replies to “Kristen Doute Reacts to James Kennedy’s Firing”

  1. Kristen has no room to bash…. how old was James when she was dating him? Some very nasty stuff has come from Kristen. She is the one who should be off the show.

  2. I am guilty of having a soft spot for Kristen 🙂 she’s such a hot mess but something about her strikes me as genuine and sincere. Maybe I’m delusional but there it is lol

    1. James is always so drunk and appears so frail, really, that honestly, Ken probably could have knocked him over without trying. I think Ken restrained himself, really.

  3. If Ken was younger, he might have knocked James out. James was certainly asking for it!
    I admire Ken for standing by his wife, Lisa, and always coming to her defense. He is so chivalrous.
    Bravo Ken! You are a knight in shining armor. Sigh. ❤️

  4. Is this the pot calling the kettle? Kristen you don’t have room to talk you should have been removed from the show years ago. The reason why the show got popular and people wanted to see the new episodes so we could all watch Kristen make an A$$ out of herself. No one looks at Kristen as a serious actress the clips we have seen of some of her work is just so bad….. really bad. James is a jerk yes. James will do anything for tv but unfortunately he could not keep it together just for his work time. I get his pain about his parents, many people don’t do well when their parents divorce. The problem with that is that he is just so so immature, and he kept on getting paid for his bad behavior. People are done with this story. I myself really loved VPR but the story just keeps repeating itself. Boy dates girl, boy cheats on girl, girl cheats on boy and they fight everyone takes a stance and it’s over. I heard something about Jax and Brittany getting some spin off…….. BRAVO are you kidding? This is a man who cannot speak or spell for the life of him. He is irrational and disrespectful and rude. He’s arrogant, disgusting and a drunk. Jax is trying to be a bad boy and all he looks like is an little kid trying so hard to make it in an adult world. Bravo do all of us a favor, get rid of the ref raf and let go those people who are deadbeats on the show. Oh yes Scheana….. get off the f…ing show and work on your marriage. Stop disrespecting your husband and exploiting him so you can try to stay relevant. Lets see some new faces and stories. Katie too you treat your fiancé’ like a piece of crap you lucky that Tom is such a pussy and won’t stand up to her for good. All this is just smoke and mirrors.

  5. She is entitled to her opinion. James treated Kristen terribly when nobody liked him. Yes she is a hot mess but she has her own T-shirt business. Kristen is a follower & will lock in step 2B accepted. That is very sad. Her worse mistake was when she went ape sh_t at the restaurant. She was drinking alot. She cud not accept that Tom&Ariana hooked up. However we quickly 4get what she did with Jax &Tom was in the next room. These individuals R just so morally bankrupt that U can’t make this sh_t up! The worse is Jax the Coke head. He is repulsive & foul. Brittany doesn’t stay with him bc she’s frm Ky. That is so unfair to say& ignorant. Remember Stassi was with him 1st & hooked on him. Brittany really cares for the douche. Now James is a real POS! His excuse that his parents R divorcing? Plez give me a break! He was a jerk B4 that as well. From treating Kristen like crap& all the other woman like crap. LaLa not so much bc he was banging her&she is just as disgusting. James is a snake& is delusional. No one is jealous of him. He lives in a parallel world & needs to go to rehab. His Mom needs to get him help. LVP is not his keeper! I’m out. Peace!

  6. I can count on both hands how many times I wish I had a boss like Lisa V. And I was a waiter my whole life. Just call me Jax, Jr., I wish. Of course, I’ve said from day one that Lisa V. and Kyle are why I watch BH. I know, this is VR. I’m hooked on anything Lisa V., and that’s a good thing.

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