How Did Kristen Doute Meet Her Boyfriend Brian Carter?

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute seems very happy with her new boyfriend Brian Carter and now Doute is revealing how the two first met on the dating app Bumble, but there’s way more to the story than that…

She told Stassi how cute she thought he was and how his friends and family call him by his last name. “And Stassi’s like, ‘Wait Kristen, that’s Brian Carter,’ and pulled his Facebook up,” Kristen told The Daily Dish. “He and I had 25 mutual friends, including Stassi, Jax [Taylor], Katie [Maloney-Schwartz], and [Tom Schwartz].”

Kristen was confused. “All of a sudden, I’m like, ‘If you’re friends with all of my best friends, you know exactly who I am and you’re not telling me.’ I got weirded out and sort of called him out on it,” Kristen said. “And his response was, ‘You’re showing your friends my photo?’ And then I felt like a weird stalker and I thought he would never talk to me again. I was like, ‘No, no, it’s funny. Ha ha, whatever.’ I wasn’t reluctant to go out with him anymore.”

Kristen later memorably found out last season of Vanderpump Rules that Carter and Katie once hooked up.

“I knew [Katie] for 10 years,” Carter said. “I knew her before she met Schwartz.”

When Carter first saw Kristen’s profile in Bumble, he said that he recognized her, but he didn’t quite know from where. It wasn’t until Carter stumbled upon Kristen’s IMDb page that he realized she was on Vanderpump Rules.

“It didn’t deter me, even though you had a little history of ‘Crazy Kristen,'” Carter said. “It did not influence me. I like to go in with an open mind. I don’t like to judge anybody until I get to know them.”

The two eventually went on their first date, but Carter found it weird when Kristen started capturing it on Periscope.

“This is what I do every day, but if you want to be a part of that, a part of my life, you have to be willing to be a part of this, too,” Kristen said. “That’s a really hard thing to explain to someone when they don’t understand how it works and how it really is our everyday life. There just happens to be a camera there.”

Kristen obviously worked with her last two boyfriends, but she couldn’t be happier that Carter, who works in photography for movie and TV show marketing campaigns, have chosen different career paths.

“It’s so, so nice. It’s interesting,” Kristen said. “As much as Carter is a part of the group now, it’s nice to not be incestuously dating a SUR guy or someone we’ve known for so long and be able to start a fresh relationship.”

But Carter says having his girlfriend’s life documented on TV has its perks.

“After learning about her history and past relationships, I’ve learned what not to do,” Carter said of having watched all of the intimate details of Kristen’s love life unfold on the show. “I can definitely push her buttons when I want to push her buttons. I know when to let her do her thing, like ‘OK, everything’s going to be fine.’ I feel like I know how to talk to her now and allow her to vent a little bit. I think that’s what people weren’t doing before.”

“And also not be a lying, cheating ***hole,” Kristen added.

“That helps. Cheating is not the way to go,” he said. “Definitely don’t cheat on her, because she’ll find out. She’ll find out everything.”

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12 Replies to “How Did Kristen Doute Meet Her Boyfriend Brian Carter?”

  1. Kristen has done some real crazy stuff but she deserves2B happy as well. I don’t like the gang mentality. It’s as if it’s back 2the early season’s. They R way 2old for that crap. I don’t like LaLa at all but the idea of holding others hostage bc U speak 2her is way over the top! Stop this nonsense. Not a good look& childish! But with Stasis in the picture we knw where this BS started up again. She’s so unhappy in life so she pulls everybody else down in the gutter with her! I’m out. Peace!

  2. I’m guilty of liking Kristen lol! Hey, I deserve a vice 🙂
    She’s a hot mess but she is hopefully on the way to redemption. Not holding my breath though lol

  3. Oh Please..this guy is full of crap. lol. “He knew her from somewhere but couldn’t remember where”? haha. He is friends with most of her friends and he just couldn’t place them as the cast of Vanderpump Rules??..hellooo….Dude wants to be on tv and he is probably just having fun partying with them.

      1. Hey Rain. 🙂 I agree too. I thought it was crazy. If he is friends with her friends, how could he not know. I don’t believe he just started watching the show either. He is a wannabe reality star, and I would not trust him. It is a far fetched story he has, and Kristin wants to believe him. Oh well. We shall see.

        1. They all run in such a limited circle lol. As you said he probably wants in on the fame and they may start ‘arguing’ and his role may expand on the show . We shall see

    1. yes… he knew.. One the other hand – If I was younger, lived in LA and had no children that needed to look up to me – I would do it also

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