Kristen Doute Has A New Boyfriend, Brian Carter


It was recently reported that Vanderpump Rules stars Kristen Doute and Jason Kennedy ended their relationship as fans witnessed the rollercoaster romance the two were riding on. Now that they have parted ways Kristen is wasting no time as recent reports claim she already has a new man in her life!

A source confirms to E! News that the former SURver is dating Brian Carter. The two met from the dating app Bumble, similar to Tinder. “He was the first guy she contacted on Bumble,” the insider tells the site.

Brian was spotted in Kristen’s Instagram pics from when her and VPR cast members  Scheana Marie and her husband Mike Shay visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

confirmed: I am a giraffe whisperer. thank you @sdzsafaripark for the best day of my life.

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private tour with our new buddy andrew @sdzsafaripark 🐒 A photo posted by kristendoute (@kristendoute) on

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11 Replies to “Kristen Doute Has A New Boyfriend, Brian Carter”

  1. Lucky James to get away from the clutches of this sick woman. I feel bad for her new beau, poor man, has no clue of what he’s gotten himself into.

    1. Unless you know Kristen outside of a TV box it’s more likely you have no clue what you’re talking about. This man actually knows a three dimensional Kristen in real life. Not the edited reality TV persona from last year that you perceive/want Kristen to be. And certainly James is only lucky that Kristen allowed him to be her rebound while he got exposed on TV. I’m very curious to see what he does to stay on the show if there is a 5th season. Tom and Scheana can’t make him interesting or watchable. Being Kristen’s boyfriend/boytoy was his only entertaining factor. And although Kristen slowly getting over Tom and acting like a crazy scorned ex girlfriend raised Tom and Ariana’s popularity, I don’t see her doing the same for James. I think she’s relieved to get rid of him and probably got less crazy and entertaining because of it. But I hope both James and Kristen move on for the better. They shouldn’t of been together in the first place. A broken-hearted woman and a fame whore boy makes for an ugly relationship.

        1. Should i assume your James or Starr? FYI Kristen also has vocal fans. And the fact that you have the time to troll, read about what she does, and read comments about her, shows how relevant she is in your world. I’m guessing you’re one of her biggest fans. Maybe just slightly confused…haha

  2. Here we go again…. let’s see how long this guy lasts…. Kristen will start telling this guy about her relationship with Tom S. Kristen is a drunk, sociopath, with no morals values or respect. She will never have a real long standing relationship with any true connection because she ALWAYS has to be in control…. I cannot stand her I hope they get rid of her. Also please no more Stassi. She went back to New York hope she stays there.

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