Kristen Doute Calls Scheana Out For Being Fake, Admits Tom and Ariana Are Meant To Be

Kristen Doute is talking about all things Vanderpump Rules on a new episode of the show’s podcast and she’s not holding back on several topics. Kristen calls Scheana Shay out for playing the victim, defends Katie Maloney and says that she does not have a drinking problem and actually admits that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are meant to be!

Kristen called Scheana Shay out for acting like the victim. “It hurt my feelings when she was at Tom Sandoval‘s birthday party and they did that split screen. She said that Ariana was the only one who had been there for her and Shay and mine and Carter’s jaws dropped to the floor. I thought Carter and I were the only ones there for you to be honest.”

“In the summer time when she was saying this stuff – when I saw her on TV saying to Ariana that no one was there for her and that Katie, Stassi, and I are this like evil trio or some sh*t – the thing with Scheana is that we tried. For Scheana to say that we didn’t try, it’s just like no – we tried to the point where we couldn’t give everyone else in our lives attention. And there’s a point where you get to when you’re like enough is enough. That’s how I feel,” Kristen said of being there for Scheana through her problems with Shay. Doute also added that she and her boyfriend Carter had been on vacation with Scheana and her husband.

When one of the hosts mentioned Scheana was playing he victim card, Kristen said, “I used to pull that sh*t and no one allowed me to do it. I tried to do that in Season 2 when Sandoval and I were on the rocks and about to break up and Katie and Stassi dropped me.”

Kristen added, “Stop changing your ‘best friends’ like you change your damn underwear. It’s fine. I have a lot of great friends, it’s not like one person ‘trumps the other’ if you will.”

“You post all these photos with Ariana and Brittany [Cartwright] and you never back up any of us [like] when Stassi had a really bad time a few weeks back, she was posting some stuff on Twitter. You never support me, Katie, or Stassi, but you’re always asking for our support and it really hurts my feelings.”

Kristen also commented on Scheana being upset about the cost of Katie’s bridal shower. “I think you’re mad that Katie‘s engagement and marriage was a ‘bigger deal’ than yours was, but you jumped the gun.” Kristen continued, “She did it on an earlier season. Our show is more popular on a later season, so Katie‘s engagement/marriage is more popular. Maybe she’s jealous or angry about it, but Katie and Tom didn’t do it for the f*king show. They’ve been together for six years.”

Kristen also admitted that her crew has a “no new friends” mentality when she admitted, “You try to own this show that you’ve been on for five seconds that we’ve worked so hard on – so so hard.” She continued, “I think the original six plus Schwartz – because Schwartz wasn’t really given a credit Season 1, but he worked just as hard as we did. I think Ariana was a damn coward for not joining when she knew why she didn’t want to join, but I’ll even hand it to her the last couple of seasons. She still puts in the work. I don’t think she’s very real all the time as much as the rest of us, but she does put in the work. So I’ll hand it to every one of us that does put in the work.”

But speaking of Tom and Ariana, she added, “They’re super happy now. I believe that they are meant to be.”

Doute also defended allegations that Katie has a drinking problem. “Don’t get me started. Katie does not have a drinking problem. Katie has a problem when she gets really drunk, as well as I do, as well as Stassi does, as well as Scheana does, as well as Brittany, Jax, Tom Schwartz, Sandoval. Katie drinks far less than eighty percent of the cast.”

Kristen explained, “If she’s upset about something prior to drinking and she drinks, she sometimes gets more upset which happens to a lot of us.”

But has Katie changed since the show started airing? “In seasons one and two, I feel like she was silenced by producers or editors or whatever it was. Maybe there were just stronger story lines, but they always made Katie look like this side piece, like Stassi‘s minion, her puppet. It blew my mind because Katie and I had the same haircut so Katie and I were like Stassi’s two little minions and I’m just like Katie is not silent or short of opinions. She didn’t just like suddenly gain an opinion.”

Thanks to RealityTea for the transcript!

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  • Cin

    Kristen is another piece of cake… she’s full of it. Remembering when she hooked up with Jax – she screwed up with her friend and her boyfriend.

  • Rain

    Love you Kristen but this is a bunch of baloney , girl!! The only real growth is her admitting that Ariana and Tom are meant to be

    Enough of the ‘this is our show’ nonsense

  • melodie Phillips

    I never listen to a thing that Kristen says. last year Stassi & and Katie hated Kristen and all of a sudden its all great. Kristen flies where she gets validation and noticed. As far as Katie yes she does have a drinking problem and so does Jax, herself and most of those kids. When you drink to the point where you cannot function normally and/or take care of yourself there is a problem. You can drink but you don’t have to black out and not remember anything that happened. These guys are on a reality show BUT they don’t have to get blotto overtime your near alcohol. Their behavior is their choice good bad to otherwise. Hey Bravo stop asking Kristen for her opinion she is a sociopath and sucks on peoples asses so they will be her friend. Never ever has kristen gone into a relationship and just stayed friends with them. It’s always an issue when Kristen is concerned.
    This is what I read “Blah BLAH, Blah blah…….
    Oh yes and hearing that she said to Lala “get off my f..ing show” Kristen NO ONE tunes in to see you and know one cares what you say. When we watch people are laughing at you, hoping you will go psycho again. I do know she has multiple break downs in a day but no one is interested in you. Your not even involved in any storyline.
    SHit up Kristen

  • melodie Phillips

    So so sorry I did not sign off deliberately with that word it was a complete mistake. Again so sorry I got to check better before I hit send