Kordell Stewart Responds To Porsha Stewart’s Claims He Is Gay


Kordell Stewart is speaking out after his estranged wife, Porsha, insinuated he was gay on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kordell has been facing rumors he was gay since his NFL career in the 90’s. When Kordell was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, reports surfaced that Kordell was arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a transvestite in a public park. These rumors were never proven to be true, but Kordell did have to speak to his teammates in a team meeting and tell them he was not gay. “I believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” he said to his team in his infamous speech. “You’d better not leave your girlfriends around me, because I’m out to prove a point!”

The same issue came up when Kordell’s estranged wife, Porsha, told America that Kordell didn’t always want her physically. After Bravo released the trailer of Porsha saying this, Kordell issued a statement, saying the following:

“I’m very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at all. The rumors have never been true. I’m not gay.”

“It is sad that she would target the homosexual community which often times lacks support to begin with. It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so- called fame.”

She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son.”

But after the episode aired last week, Kordell still felt like he needed to defend himself, so he appeared on an Atlanta radio show. Kordell spoke on V-103′s “Ryan Cameron Morning Show.” Kordell insisted he was constantly disrespected by Porsha in their marriage, and that she did not put her family first. “I ask the question, “Babe, what’s the deal? Why you coming home, what’s going on?” “What do you mean? I’m grown. I do what I want to do.” That’s a quote from Porsha, from my wife,” Kordell says. “And so when that happens, I’m kind of messed up a little bit because I ain’t never had this gangsta talk to me from my woman before, from the standpoint of you’re doing your thing, but it’s supposed to be about the household”

Kordell says by allowing Porsha to appear on RHOA, he went against his beliefs. “When I allow Bravo in the house I went against the grain of who I am, and what I represent,” he said. “I’m private, and I had to compromise everything about my manhood from the standpoint of, OK, I’m gonna let these people in, let my wife do what she do and that’s it.”

As far as the 90’s rumors from Pittsburgh? “Those rumors that I got arrested for lewd acts in the park? One, I never got arrested. I don’t have a record in Pittsburgh. It went from one park to another park. I never got arrested in that state nor that city,” Kordlel insists.

And Kordell wants to make it very clear that he is not gay. “No. I’m a 100% man,” he responds when asked the question. “I don’t do no homophobic, I don’t do none of that. There’s nothing about no dude that I see, all due respect … I promise you, on my life, in everything that I’m a part of including my son and my father, who is no longer here, that that has never happened. Nor will anything ever come up… EVER come up with no dude about me and nothing!”

Listen to all of Kordell’s interview below.

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Photo Credit: Bravo