Kordell Stewart Reacts To Comments He’s Controlling!

Kordell Stewart

Throughout this Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, many viewers have questioned whether or not Kordell Stewart is too controlling when it comes to his wife, Porsha. Kordell has come across very traditional in his beliefs on the show, and the RHOA women have questioned whether or not Porsha is being controlled by her famous husband.

This week, the women went on a girl’s trip to Vegas where Porsha refused to go with the women to a strip club. Porsha said she didn’t feel comfortable, and she knew Kordell wouldn’t allow it, so she went back to the hotel while the other ladies stayed out and enjoyed themselves in Vegas.

Fast forward to the next morning, Porsha has a phone call with Kordell where she tells him the situation, and that she didn’t join her cast mates at the strip club. Kordell says in so many words he would not have allowed her to do such a thing anyway.

While the episode was airing, Twitter was buzzing about how Kordell treats Porsha. He tweeted a reaction to what went down on the episode. Kordell tweeted, “My wife @PorshaDStewart showed “LEADERSHIP” not giving into PEER PRESSURE. That is real #girlpower…..”


Do YOU think Kordell is too controlling? Or is he just traditional?

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9 Replies to “Kordell Stewart Reacts To Comments He’s Controlling!”

  1. Porsha if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. It was wrong for the ladies to question your marriage. Remember you have Christ in your life and that all that count. I do understand what you made that choice and I have to do the same. Being a leader comes with making wise decisions

  2. I think he’s both! But Porsha has no job skills, so this is the kind of man she has settled for. She could do a lot worse, like Peter! At least Kordell has a job and does not depend on Bravo for a living!

  3. I believe that Porsha is young and hasn’t quite come into herself. Her desire to do as her husbands wants is her choice. When we as women are afforded the opportunity to do anything and be anything, that also includes a homemaker. The decision to represent her family and marriage they way she wanted is, in the word of Bobby Brown “My Prerogative” I think the girls should just back off of her and be women that support women no matter what their choice (as long as they aren’t being abused)
    NeNe, though I’m sure she is coming from a good place, since she was once in an abusive relationship , should respect Porsha as an adult, with the ability to make choices for herself. (I cringe when I say that..)
    But NeNe obversion to Porsha is that while she wants to portray “Ms. Innocent” on camera , Porsha is a video vixen in rap videos and has been out there. But again, whose business is it if she wants to change her Public Image, she’s now a married woman.

  4. When two people get married they typically have the same morals & ethics. Porsha said, on the show, that she is into helping women, not degrade them. She works hard to help women that are in Nenes situation so they don’t have to resort to stripping. She and Kordel are role models for a marriage and should be respected for that. You don’t have to agree with their decisions, but you have to appreciate that they have discussed these things and know where each other stands. Further, I completely agree that she is a woman of her convictions and was able to stand up for them knowing full well that these girls, who obviously felt some guilt, would talk horribly about Porsha and Kordell all night long. Lastly, know what controlling is! I am so sick of these women throwing around phrases like they are nothing. A controlling person turns into an abusive person, that is a harsh word o just be throwing around.

  5. ugh i bet you all are exactly like her…stay at home wives whom lack intelligence and the ability to stand for oneself. geez what is wrong with having your own personal convictions!!! stop being useless females and become working woman, that way one can be proud of what one earns instead of relying on others to produce!!!

  6. i dont think hes controlling i just think the way he talks is a bit aggressive towards his wife. but marriage is about compromise and i dont think hes compromising much for porscha , hes seems like a very traditional man but maybe thats just how their marriage works

  7. Blah,

    Bitter is not a pretty color on you, Blah. You couldn’t be more wrong about me and most Stay-at-Home-Moms that I know. I had a great career making 6 figures a year and was at the top of my game. I CHOSE to become a Stay-at-Home-Mom and have always wanted to stay home with my children. I told my husband on our first date that is what my intentions were, if he wasn’t up for it, we could end the date after dinner and go our separate ways. I find it so completely dis-heartening that you find your worth in a paycheck. I find my worth in what kind of a person I am and how I treat others. You might want to re-examine yours, because it’s ugly.

  8. He NEEDS to control her. She is just not smart enough to navigate life without someone telling her exactly what to do! Have you WATCHED this show? “265 days a year”, “in COMPORTION to my hips”, “I have to pee on a stick for two whole minutes”…….And there is SO much more.

  9. Look Kordell you live in the 2000’s and you can have a nanny and still be good parents, man it is not as of you do not have money. Porsha, you came into this marriage with old money so it is not as if you have to depend on his money.
    Yes he is the head of the house the Bible tells us that and that the woman is the help mate however it also tells us tha a man should love his wife as Christ loved the world and how much did he love the world? Christ died for us would you die for Porsha? I you said yes and mean it than you would tell her to have her baby and you will be there to support and help her in any way.
    Porsha I have been married 36 years and I tell my husband he is the head of the house, and I am the nack that turns that head, you cannot have one with out the other.

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