Kordell Stewart Reacts To Comments He’s Controlling!

Kordell Stewart

Throughout this Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, many viewers have questioned whether or not Kordell Stewart is too controlling when it comes to his wife, Porsha. Kordell has come across very traditional in his beliefs on the show, and the RHOA women have questioned whether or not Porsha is being controlled by her famous husband.

This week, the women went on a girl’s trip to Vegas where Porsha refused to go with the women to a strip club. Porsha said she didn’t feel comfortable, and she knew Kordell wouldn’t allow it, so she went back to the hotel while the other ladies stayed out and enjoyed themselves in Vegas.

Fast forward to the next morning, Porsha has a phone call with Kordell where she tells him the situation, and that she didn’t join her cast mates at the strip club. Kordell says in so many words he would not have allowed her to do such a thing anyway.

While the episode was airing, Twitter was buzzing about how Kordell treats Porsha. He tweeted a reaction to what went down on the episode. Kordell tweeted, “My wife @PorshaDStewart showed “LEADERSHIP” not giving into PEER PRESSURE. That is real #girlpower…..”


Do YOU think Kordell is too controlling? Or is he just traditional?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter