Kordell Stewart Embarrassed By Porsha’s Behavior At RHOA Reunion


Former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Kordell Stewart is not pleased with his ex-wife’s behavior during the season 6 reunion taping. RadarOnline reports Kordell wants nothing to do with Porsha after she attacked Kenya Moore during part 1 of the reunion.

“Kordell is distancing himself from Porsha, now more than ever,” a friend of Kordell tells the site, adding that “he’s embarrassed for her.”

“During their marriage, he thought Porsha acted inappropriately to get ratings for the show and wasn’t a good role model for his son [Syre],” the source said. “Her fight on national TV proves that.”

“When Kordell allowed BRAVO into his life, it went against everything he stood for,” the friend explains. “He is a very private person but compromised for fame-hungry Porsha.”

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10 Replies to “Kordell Stewart Embarrassed By Porsha’s Behavior At RHOA Reunion”

  1. Personally Kordell should be embarrassed about marrying Porsha just so she could be his BEARD!

    Come out Kordell, it’s 2014. Everyone KNOWS you are GAY. Stop worrying about your former beard and join the world. What a phoney, fake hypocrite you are.

  2. Kordell embarrassed by Porsha? What about last season, including the reunion? Kordell was a bigger douche bag than nene is this season.

    1. Kordell is a arrogant controlling man, . And Kenya Moore is insecure, jealous, trouble making Whore. I can’t Stand her or her disposition. Kenya started that CRAP and Porshia should have stomped the shit out of her…… Go Porsha. Good for you Kenya… RHOA is going to lose their rating because of Kenya. I was a huge fan until Kenya.. I am just sick of her. I am done

  3. She is out of his life and there is no need for him to feel embarrassed. He just wants to be a housewife. Porsha should be embarrassed that she ever was with him.

  4. Who cares about what Kordell thinks about Porsha, They’re divorced. Also it seems as if Peter Thomas may have conspired with him to set up Porsha to talk about their marriage in Mexico. It all makes sense now. But since we Know how he feel about reality shows, surely, he will not be involved Peters reality series, financially or otherwise. That would make him a hypocrite . (wink, wink) Boy Please!, we saw your controlling self. That girl acted afraid of you. I know where you come from.

  5. He should be embarassed about investing in a bar with someone that can’t even tell his wife the truth about their finances.

  6. And we are all embarrassed for the twit too—–wondering if she ever found that “underground train”……………………..RHOA—–ghetto personified………..
    porsha === stupid
    nene====felon, stripper
    phaedra=====criminal married to a convict
    cynthia ======married to a control freak
    kenya======stir the pot queen..
    and none of these “so called ladies” can speak english properly…………

  7. Kordell and Porsha are divorce. No one cares what he thinks about porsha anymore. GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Kenya was upsetting porsha in many ways. She always start drama, but she knows who to start with. I think if Porsha is fired so should Kenya.

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