Kim Zolciak’s Post Baby Weight Loss Secret Revealed


Everyone was shocked when Kim Zolciak revealed she was a size 4 just days after giving birth to her twin babies, but RadarOnline is dishing why Kim was able to drop the baby weight so fast. A top doctor tells the site that Kim didn’t gain that much weight in her pregnancy and the weight loss is most likely due “to most likely have a large placenta.”

“All of her weight is centered around her belly (that is stretched with the twins), and her face, arms, and legs are lean like a person who isn’t pregnant,” Dr. J Shah, Chief Medical Director of Amari Medical tells Radar as he looked at photos of Kim before and after her pregnancy. “Two things can explain this phenomenon. She is lucky to most likely have a large placenta that is producing a high level of the hCG hormone. This hormone is essential in converting the mother’s fat into nutrition for the babies, therefore preventing her own body from storing the fat.”

“After the pregnancy, she loses the weight of the twins, the placenta and fluids and by looking at her pre-pregnancy picture, she would fit easily back into a size 4,” he shares. “The current picture does seem to show a little bit of a bump, so her extra stretched skin is most likely still there. So, her secret is not weight loss, but rather her body prevented weight gain during pregnancy.”

Photo Credit: Twitter