Kim Zolciak’s Mother Blames Bravo For Family’s Problems! Plus- Suing For Visitation!

Karen Zolciak, mother of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak, is speaking exclusively to RadarOnline about the ongoing battle with her daughter. Karen tells Radar, “We are taking our daughter Kim to court to get visitation of our grandchildren.” Karen continues, “Kim has always used her kids as pawns and she makes us jump through hoops to get to them.”

Karen goes on to reveal that she and her husband Joe haven’t seen Kim’s kids since she married Kroy on 11-11-11. “We miss the children, of course,” Karen explains.

She goes on to blame Bravo for the wall that’s built between her and her grandchildren. “This is made up drama for TV!” Karen exclaims, “Bravo will do anything for ratings and this is just a continuation of the ridiculous situation from the wedding where they said that family couldn’t use the bathrooms.”

Kim’s mother also revealed that she used to speak with Brielle on the phone, and now Brielle will not return her phone calls anymore. “Anybody that knows us knows that we’ve stood by Kim through everything. When her two older children were born, their father wasn’t in the delivery room and we were there for her. We would do anything for her and we just want to see the children!”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on, Kim or Karen?

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2 Replies to “Kim Zolciak’s Mother Blames Bravo For Family’s Problems! Plus- Suing For Visitation!”

  1. I feel Karen is completely wrong. Does she remember WHY no one was allowed in the upstairs bathroom? They needed the baby to sleep. If Karen was allowed then
    others would follow…Kroy’s family, cousins, friends and all of the bridal party.
    After Karen was spewing hate and then claiming she was going to burn the house down, I sure would have had my Mom thrown out too, if things were reversed.
    She did wake the baby because we heard him crying. Kim’s girls can’t be made to see
    the grandparents. They’re old enough to decide on their own. The more Kim’s parents talk badly about their daughter, the Zolciaks will lose.

  2. I have always been Team Kim & Kroy. I am also estranged from a Mother with jealousy issues. I would of kicked my Mother out of my wedding in two shakes of a second if she threatened to burn my house down with my infant son in it and by those violent comments she made on Kim’s wedding day, No Judge will order those girl’s to have to visit her. God Bless you, Kim!

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