Kim Zolciak’s Husband Kroy Biermann Signs With Buffalo Bills


Kroy Biermann has been playing for the Atlanta Falcons for eight years and he just announced that he will be taking the field for the Buffalo Bills in the upcoming NFL season.

He tweeted, “So excited to become part of the Buffalo Bills family we can already feel the amazing energy. #GoBills.”

The team also shared a photo of Kroy signing his contract. reports that Kroy signed the one-year contract after the Falcons decided not to re-up him in the off-season. Biermann met with the team earlier this spring before signing to become an official team member.

Kim also reacted to the news on Instagram, noting her connection to Buffalo. “Kroy is so excited as I am (my parents grew up there, half my family still lives there) never mind the fact the fans are AWESOME, the team is AWESOME and my hubby is ecstatic,” she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Kim Zolciak’s Husband Kroy Biermann Signs With Buffalo Bills”

    1. They have great wings there?! That’s where Buffalo wings originated.
      Yes, I see a divorce happening now…just maybe…or not. Kim in Buffalo…doubtful.
      It would be funny, though. 😉

  1. This “woman” is unbelievable. The amount of work she has had done to improve her looks has only made her look like a plastic person. She has a potty mouth that goes on for days. I feel sorry for her children because she tries to give the impression that she is such a great mother and I just don’t see that. So she shot out 6 kids out of her “whoha”, so did the rest of us. I’m wondering what she is going to do when teams quit picking up Kroy??!! I find her to be terribly vain and selfish, a potty mouth and very shallow.

  2. I think Kim can’t even take care of the children she already has. The only reason she wants more is because she is the most selfish person on earth. She wants ever thing always about her. Such a sad person. Her daughter Brielle could never win a beauty pagent.. She’s ugly like her mother. Poor kroy. I bet his family hates Kim. Kroy was taken from his family by a selfish, money motivated ugly person . If he didn’t have money, the gold digger Kim would never be with him. They will divorce soon because his money is not coming in like it use to be. When he has child support to pay, he will be broke. Kim will take him to the bank while she’s giving birth.
    To yet another kid she can’t take care of. Maybe kroy will come to his sences soon. His mom will be happy when they divorce. She knows what Kim is up to. All about herself.

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