Kim Zolciak’s Father Says She Is Jealous Of Her Mother!

The feud between Kim Zolciak and her parents keeps going strong in the press. Now, her father, Joe Zolciak is speaking to RadarOnline, saying that Kim is jealous of her mother, Karen. “Kim has shown a lot of disrespect to her mother. Her mother is very attractive, she looks fantastic and I think that Kim is jealous of her mother!” Joe tells Radar.

“Karen is damn good looking!” he said about his wife. “She is energetic and creative and I am madly in love with the woman but Kim is just jealous.” Joe says that when Kim and Kroy moved into their home Kim wouldn’t allow her mother to wear a bikini in front of her husband, Kroy. “Kim told her mom ‘Do not wear a bikini, I don’t want you showing off your body to Kroy or anyone else.’” Joe says. “Karen has a great body. At 55, she has a body that most 35-year-olds would envy!” he adds.

Joe also addresses rumors that Kim was a stripper. “I don’t know what she did at the Cheetah Club,” he told Radar. “Her outfit was rather skimpy, but what she did was her own business. She would drop her girls off with us to babysit when she went to work and her outfit would be really slinky. Kim told me she was a hostess and I absolutely believed her.” But he still defends that she didn’t strip, saying, “I never thought she was a stripper. I still believe she wasn’t a stripper. As a father I blocked it out in my mind.”

Joe is confident he will reunite with his grandchildren, “We thought we were doing the right thing! Based on everything I’m holding in my bag of tricks I know that we should be able to see our grandkids again.” He adds, “Now our granddaughters, who we spent time with every week, have been sidelined and this fight has just started.”

Tell Us- Whose side are YOU on?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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