Kim Zolciak Will Deliver Twins “Very, Very Soon”


Kim Zolciak Biermann is taking to her personal blog to update viewers about her pregnancy and Kroy’s injury. Kim says she will be delivering her twins very soon, and reveals she and Kroy have picked out names, but they have to wait until the babies arrive before they choose final names. Kim says she is so excited to find out the gender of her babies.

Kim writes, “We all are getting more and more excited for our two little bundle of joys to get here! Very very soon! Let me tell you carrying twins is no joke and far different than carrying a singleton! We do have names ready but we will decide when we see them. I can’t wait to find out the gender and I’m really glad we waited to find out! What a wonderful surprise this is going to be.

A lot of you have been asking about Kroy. He is doing amazing! He is healing quickly and walking ahead of schedule. He is doing everything he needs to do to get back on that field!
As always thank you all for the love you share not only with me but my family. We see the great messages, tweets and support you show for us!”

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  1. I absolutely adore Kim and I think Kroy is an amazing athlete, Father and son. Because my Father is a Major League baseball athlete he also raised me as a single Father who is also a great Father, Husband and so well loved and respected by fans around the world. So, I admire them both on a whole different level of respect.

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