Kim Zolciak WILL Attend RHOA Season 5 Reunion!

Kim Zolciak

Some viewers were surprised when veteran Housewife Kim Zolciak abruptly left Season 5 of RHOA after a lunch gone bad with the women. The ladies were discussing their vacation plans for Anguilla, and when Kim announced she couldn’t attend because of her pregnancy, she immediately quit the show! Many rumors have been circulating if Kim will return to RHOA in Season 6, even though her spin-off show, ‘Don’t Be Tardy,’ will air on Bravo this Spring. So will Kim attend the RHOA Season 5 Reunion? Yes! She will be there.

Kim announced on Twitter her plans to attend to Reunion, answering a fan question, writing, “Absolutely!” A few days ago she elaborated on her choice to attend, revealing that she hopes to set “delusional people” straight at the Reunion! Looks like the NeNe vs. Kim feud isn’t over just yet!

Are YOU happy Kim will return for the Reunion?

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  • DrewH

    Glad to hear Kim will be at the reunion. I’m looking forward to her interactions with NeNe and Kandi the most. Especially Kandi and the comments made early on in the season by Kim!

  • Kate

    I am excited to see Kim again

  • Brenda

    Kim stay home and make babies because honey that about all your good at…you can’t sing and you are not interesting at all ……the show is much more entertaining without the likes of you……you have beautiful kids I will give you that so keep on making them and please stay off the show…

  • MilesAhead_Baby

    Not feeling either way. Kim…Oh, okay. . . . Who cares?! Take care of your beautiful family & stay away from camera’s…isn’t that an issue currently with your Mom & Dad?

  • Chris

    Yeeeeeeees! I miss Kim on the show! Cant wait for the bitch of a smackdown she will bring! <3

  • leesa

    can not wait to see the reunion as wasnt brandi going to name her son kash and she was very vocial about it then true to form kim steals her baby name obviously stealing peoples husbands are off limits as shes now married herself so its on to baby names