Kim Zolciak Talks About Her Final Scene On RHOA!

This Sunday will be Kim Zolciak’s last episode on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We know that Kim as quit the show and is moving on and currently filming her own show, Don’t Be Tardy. But what led her to get so angry to quit mid-season? The ladies have a lunch where they discuss their upcoming trip to Anguilla, and it didn’t end well. Not only was Kim upset that she couldn’t go on the trip, she explains her breaking point was about way more than that.

“I felt like the whole table was coming at me and I was feeling so upset and stressed that I just got up and said, ‘I’m done.’ I don’t need to be in that position. My main concern at that time was my son in my stomach. They can all come and attack me, I can handle myself and I’ve proven that over the years, but for me I had my son’s health that I had to think about. I was getting so upset.” Kim tells Bravo.

Kim’s husband Kroy had even urged her to step-back from all the drama and fighting. “My husband was outside in the car and saw how hysterical I was and he said ‘Kim, enough is enough.’ I tell the cameras, ‘Get the f— out of my face,’ and that’s it. I didn’t film another scene.” Kim says of her role on RHOA.

No matter if you like or dislike Kim, she has certainly brought the drama in Atlanta as well as made us laugh for the past 4 1/2 Season…

Tell Us- Are you sad to see Kim go?

Photo Credit: Bravo