Kim Zolciak Still Owes Money For Her Wedding?

Kim Zolciak is making headlines again! After feuding with her parents, quitting RHOA, feuding on Twitter with NeNe, and her new spin-off show, now RadarOnline is reporting that Kim and Kroy still owe $1,000,000 for their wedding! The site says, “Kim and her hubby Kroy Biermann enlisted the help of party planner to the stars, Colin Cowie, for their special day last August and according to one of Kim’s close family members she assumed Bravo would pick up the tab! We assume close family members would be her parents, who she has been feuding with in the press.

“Kim said that she was having to pay her wedding planner over $1,000,000 for her big ceremony and Bravo wasn’t picking up the tab,” the family member exclusively revealed to RadarOnline, “They shortly after had a falling out.”

Radar first confirmed through the valet company working Kim’s wedding, she still has a large outstanding bill and that Colin’s company has not yet received a penny from the Real Housewives of Atlanta Star.

“Colin Cowie Lifestyle (CCL/CCE) contracted with AAA Parking to provide valet parking services on November 11, 2011 at Ms. Zolciak’s residence in Roswell, Georgia. The event and valet parking services were extended by an additional hour at the request of Colin Cowie representatives resulting in an additional charge,” a representative of AAA Parking said.

“The total invoice of $2,550 remains unpaid. CCL/CCE has advised us that they have not been paid for any services they provided for the Zolciak wedding.” the rep added.

Colin’s team has remained hush-hush on the matter only telling RadarOnline, “We do not comment on our business relationships with our clients,” and Kim has denied owing any money for the wedding.

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5 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Still Owes Money For Her Wedding?”

  1. Her sense of entitlement is outrageous. She blames evvvveryone for all debts except herself. She’s extremely destructive, and nevvver owns up to any of her wrongs. As a property manager, you cannot evict in the short amount of time as she, even if she DID pay her rent…it takes time. Trust me I know. It can be a grueling and a scary process when people refuse to vacate premises they only lease. IF she paid her rent on time, regardless, she wouldn’t have only 24 hours to vacate as she lied about. There’s more to that b.s. story than meets the eye.

  2. Ever since the 1st season she was on, she has continually lied about everything.. When stating that she had to wear a wig cause she had cancer, I was appalled and disgusted. She has made her living on her back, not only being a mistress to a married man, but flat out, a whore. She has always begged “Big Papa” for diamonds, a bentley, her townhouse etc. etc. all to get material things in her life..Now she just EXPECTS everyone to pay for anything she wants on a whim. Bravo and Colin Cowie for her wedding, Kendra Davis for not only Decorating the house, but also moving everything in, as well as any items purchased outta her own pocket for the decorating, All was expected by Kim to be free.. I honestly thought Kim was a transgender, or trans sexual when 1st seeing her on TV, Where she gets that shes this “GODs gift to the world beauty queen” I don’t know. Her dad also reminds me of the secret sexual offender that lives in the neighborhood. Talking about his own daughters size of her boobs, and constantly staring at them while holding the baby, creeped me out. She’s trash,and always will be. I have a real distaste for BRAVO for even keeping her on, let alone giving her a spinoff.. I sure as hell will not watch it. She sickens me more then anyone ever has.

  3. Wow Cheri. Hate much? Doesn’t matter how or why, it just IS…so sad you’re do damn unhappy that YOU have to trash another woman. As long as YOU feel better right? Common word here seems to be YOU..get over yourself and move forward. Geez!!!!!

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