Kim Zolciak Returning For RHOA Season 6?

After Kim Zolciak’s dramatic exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 5 there have been questions if she is really done with The Housewives. Rumors have been swirling that she would return for Season 6, and Kim said she would be interested, as we reported earlier. Now in a recent interview with, Kim says, “If RHOA gets picked up for Season 6, I would consider returning. My priorities were different this season, but we’ll see what happens.”

And if Kim did make a Season 6 return, she insinuates she’d be back to her old self, “I won’t be pregnant! I’ve been pregnant for the last two years. I can handle my own over the five years [of taping the show], but when I’m pregnant I try to keep myself calm because I have another life to take care of. If I’m taping and I’m not pregnant, I’ll be back to my fiery self.”

“I had blood pressure problems. Filming is stressful, you know,” Kim says of her early exit on Season 5. “I got to the point, where I had enough. The last thing I wanted, I didn’t want to put my son in my stomach in jeopardy.”

Tell Us- Do YOU think Kim will return for RHOA Season 6? Would you like to see her return?

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4 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Returning For RHOA Season 6?”

  1. If “Don’t be Tardy” has the ratings it had 1st season no way in hell Kim returns to RHOA (Bethenny make some comments that she ‘might” return to RHONY season 4 before her spinoff took off too and we all know that didn’t happen). If, which I think is likely, “Don’t be Tardy” gets only ok ratings (cause Kim was a such a pill this season), they’ll bring her back on season 6 in a Jeanna from RHOOC style drama-filled cameo role, to shore up ratings for ‘Don’t be Tardy”.

  2. I don’t think Kim should return to RHOA’s season 6. Kim has done so well for herself as far as getting rid of the old baggage (aka: Big Pappa) that she doesn’t need to be sucked back into that trashy group of people that are there now. Kim might have had and done some wrong things in her past, but that is what it is, her past. The other women act so prim and propper that it is sickening . They might have money, and I said MIGHT, but they are far from having class. They are straight up TRASH. The old saying of money can’t by you class is the perfect saying for them. Kim needs to thank the Lord for her blessings that she was able to see that the ones telling her they where her friends where not her friends after all. She just needs to be kim and thank the Lord that she didn’t have to deal with that crazy thing Kenya. I am a real southern woman and non of those so called women are a good example of a true southern woman.

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