Kim Zolciak Photos Before & After Plastic Surgery! What Work Has She Had Done?

Kim Zolciak

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak-Biermann raised eyebrows (pun intended) at the Bravo Upfronts in New York City on April 3rd. Zolciak appeared more fresh faced and sparked rumors she had recently went under the knife for a nose job! Kim was all smiles with her husband, Kroy, as she posed in pictures with her former RHOA co-stars, and promoted her new spin-off, ‘Don’t Be Tardy!’ RadarOnline reached out to a renown plastic surgeon to get his opinion on what work he thinks Kim has had done, judging by several before and after photos.

“It looks like Kim has had a rhinoplasty with tip refinement,” Dr. Raffi Hovsepian of RHMD Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, who has not worked with Kim, tells Radar. “Her lips look like they have been augmented and her forehead has no creases which leads me to believe she has had a lot of botox as well.”

Kim has been very open about plastic surgery on Bravo, using special wraps and laser treatments to lose weight instead of going to the gym, and, of course, she has admitted to using botox regularly.

Check out photos of Kim before and after plastic surgery!



Kim took to Twitter to deny having a nose job. She wrote, “Thx @StephenMoleski for my makeup at upfronts it was so good bloggers are now saying I had a nose job!! Hilarious #neverhave.”


What plastic surgery do YOU think Kim has had done? Do you like her new look?

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14 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Photos Before & After Plastic Surgery! What Work Has She Had Done?”

  1. In all fairness, the before photo seems stretched out horizontally. Kim was always nice looking, and it appears that she had a nose job. I love her new look and the makeup is perfect.

  2. She had a nose job – she mentioned a few seasons back she hated her nose – just like her dad’s – side view – it was and really long and big at the bottom. I do not see how she and Kroy afford all this? He doesn’t clear that much with his contract compared to Kandi and some of the others – not to mention – 5 expensive kids- new home – mega renovations – and all her beauty maintance……Bet there is no college money saved.

  3. Kim is all about her self!! In one episode I saw she had 2 nannies one for each baby! Kroy will go broke in the next or so with Kim! I really don’t think she is that attractive compared to some of the other housewives!

  4. U ppl r just haters. Kim is beautiful. Kroy is a smart business man and manages his money quit well. Gezzz leave this woman alone. What kind of ppl wish unfortune on others. My God. If I jad 6 kids I would have help too. Kroy is a good loving father and it shows by adopting Kim’s two girl’s. Why can’t you ppl just be happy for ppl. Why so mean and negative? She can have all the surgery she wants. Whatever makes a woman feel good is her business. As for baby Kash. I find it very imature of Kandis reactions to baby Kashs name. I named my daughter after a friend without asking and ahe was honored. And Kandi isn’t even pregnant much less married. So she looks like the immature one. Use to like and respect her. Not anymore. As far as the law suit. Isnt she suppose to be the business woman with grammy/songwriter expert. Well shame on jer for not doing her financial duties leagally.?? Thats on her not Kim. Stop blamming kim for your mismanagement. Kandi that is all on you. Just drop it. Leave this woman god she is having twins. U gonna say she took ir twins that don’t exist too???. I’m over Kandi.. she deserves losing her show. It suxked anyway. Stop blaming Kim for all you problems. Grow up. God!!! Enough already. Damn she’s off tje show with her on life and her own show. Why not wish another woman success. Empower women don’t tear us down. For God’s sake. Support women.And as far as tje show was concerned they never aired anything about u telling everyone that was Kashs room. Again .she can name her child whatever she look like the immature one in this entire picture.

  5. I know right? Kim looks for like a tranny. Not everyone can wear those big lips. Very natural for angelina jolie, just because you get them injected does not mean you can wear it well. Kim’s wigs are absolutely rediculous too long to thick unnatural and shiny. She has no source of income other than reality tv with a home and furnishings cars trips and her spending money on herself they will be broke soon. Kroys days wth NFL are numbered due to his age.that is why on her new show every child is on camera so they can get a paycheck. What she did to her parents is incompreheable. I don’t know what wealthy men find in her like I say she looks every bit a tranny. she looks more like kroys mom. He belongs with brielle

    1. You embarrass yourself posting without spelling most of your words correctly.
      With the numerous amounts of misspellings and grammar problems written here, why should anyone listen to you sling insults & rant about someone famous when you, yourself are clearly uneducated and cannot even express your hateful opinion with proper English? In order for people to listen and understand your train wreck, they first need to be able to at least read it.

  6. She looks pretty but completely different person she has work done but can’t figure out what but look at her eyes they look nothing like before

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