Kim Zolciak, “NeNe Has A Motive Behind Everything!”

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak is taking to her Bravo Blog to share with viewers why she didn’t stay at Nene’s party. She says NeNe is always unpredictable, and she has a motive behind everything she does. She explains how she waited two hours at the party for NeNe to arrive, despite being invited the day before. Read what else Kim had to say below.

Kim writes, “I was invited to NeNe’s event the day before, and regardless of it being such short notice and being home packing all day, I attended. I decided to support NeNe regardless of the numerous times she’s verbally and physically attacked me. I’ve said this a million times and I stand by it: NeNe is unpredictable! I honestly didn’t feel comfortable, safe, or happy about going in the first place. I thought it was very odd and out of the blue she would want me at her event. For all I know, I could have blinked at her the wrong way and ended up in the pool. BUT I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. ONCE AGAIN!

After waiting for almost TWO hours, I had to leave because Kroy had a dinner he had to attend, and I needed to take care of baby KJ. On my way out I saw NeNe, and she asked for me to stay 5 more minutes. I told her I couldn’t manage, but she was persistent so I said OK. I looked at my phone, saw the time, and just realized there was no way I would be able to stay any longer. I didn’t feel like I owed NeNe anything, especially since I swallowed my pride and decided to show up anyway. My support and being there should have been enough, but some people are never satisfied. Let’s be honest, NeNe has a motive behind everything she does. Did that look like a genuine person standing there asking me to stay? I think NOT! At the end of the day, I had somewhere else to be — with my family.”

Tell Us- What do you think about Kim’s reasoning?

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  • Theconnectsean

    Kim left Nene’s party, not for no dinner, babysitter, packing, a meeting or she was afraid of Nene. She left because her landlord (that was evicting her) Kendra Davis was also at the party and I’m sure that was a lot more uncomfortable than worrying about Nene’s unpredictability. Kim owes this lady decorating fees and was in the process of being evicted and this was her first time coming face to face with kendra since papers were filed to evict. #truth

  • honeytece

    Kim you have let everyone except for Sweetie, yet you talk about her like a dog. My advice for Sweetie get an education and leave Kim. When you allow people to talk to you like she does you have no respect for yourself. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Sweetie you just fail and a poor excuse as a black woman. Remember Sweetie you live in the dirty south. Kim you don’t respect yourself and no one around you. Kory WHO?

  • Toletha

    Yes Kim, you did owe NeNe something — an explanation! And by EXPLANATION, I don’t mean going into a longgggg drawn out detail about why you had to leave but a short regret simply letting her know that you wouldn’t be able to stay after all. Once you said YES to staying, NeNe expected you to stay a while longer. The minute you saw that you had to leave (due to the time), a courtesy goodbye should have been done. But you simply walked out without saying a word to the guest of honor (or even the host for that matter). Whatever NeNe’s reasons were for wanting you to stay doesn’t really matter. She put feelings aside that moment and extended an olive branch to you. That could have been the beginning of ending the feud between the two of you had you done the right thing. Reverse the situation and put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel? Be honest! You guys didn’t have to go back to being best buds, but it would have allowed you two to at least be civil toward one another at outings. So you were wrong all day long for what you did. From where I was sitting and listening, it seemed like you never had any intentions of staying in the first place. But only you and God know the truth. However, if that is the case, it makes you look even worse because it makes you a liar and a coward. A LIAR because you never had any intentions of staying. And a COWARD because you didn’t have the balls to simply say NO THANK YOU I’M LEAVING. At any rate, I’m sorry to see that you two didn’t at least make up. But NeNe did try. So she gets that credit. There is nothing you can say at this point that would explain away your lack of respect and consideration.
    TO SWEETIE: Please get a backbone. No one (not even an employer) should be talking down to you. People will only treat you with respect if you first respect yourself. It’s probably not even a good idea to be Kim’s employee because it’s difficult to have a friend-employee relationship at the same time. One of you (or both of you) is going to inadvertently take advantage of the other. And honestly, we’ve already seen that in action. But if you are going to stay and work for Kim, you two need to have a meeting of the minds and set up some boundaries and rules and regulations so that things will move along smoothly in a business-like relationship.

  • Sharon

    Bring Kim back……Wanna see the two as friends…..