Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Trying For 3rd Baby, Hoping For A Girl!


Kim Zolciak-Biermann recently revealed she and her husband, Kroy, are trying for their 3rd baby together! This time, Kim and Kroy are hoping for a little girl! “We’re not done. I think we’ll have one more. We’ll see.” Kim says Kash being such an easy baby is the reason she’s ready for a third. “He sleeps 12 hours and wakes up smiling!” Kim told Us Weekly. “I was the most well-rested new mom on the planet.”

“When people [used to tell me] they had four kids, I’d be like, ‘Four kids! Whoa!’ And now that’s me. Who would have thought?” Kim admits.

Kim’s spin-off show, ‘Don’t Be Tardy,’ returns to Bravo next week an in a sneak peek, Kim also talks about the lawsuit involving her parents. “My mom, she’s taking me to court,” Kim says in the preview. Adding, “I would say, ‘Don’t f–– with my kids, my man or my money,’ and my parents have f––ed with all three.”

Will YOU watch Kim’s spin-off?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lolaz963

    L.O.V.E. Kim…..and can’t wait for her show!!!

  • Pinky

    Kim is a selfish witch. It was her Mom who helped raised those little girls while Kim was out searching for her next sugardaddy. Just because this woman lies and never gives the true details, never should anyone believe a word out of her mouth. Watch the early episodes. Kim couldn’t have ever had the opportunities with her many babydaddies and big papa had her mom not been home helping with those girls when they were Younger. This whore is nothing but disgusting. Of course she will have one more baby – her popularity is fading and lets face it – At her age – Kroy is all she is gonna have for financial means…and even that could be short-lived. Can’t see her following through with these babies to college. She is gonna be a washed up hag with so much botox, etc., no man will want her. Kroy is young and who says he won’t wake up from his sex stuper one day and want a wholesome, beautiful woman instead of Kim.

  • Maryann

    I will not watch the show! If she didn’t have time for RHOA because of her kids, how is she going to have time for crappy show?

  • mktb

    Just for saying that, I’m sure they will be having another boy lol

  • Buck Henry

    Your exactly right Pinky, exactly. She’s getting older and she knows that no one will want her so she’s making sure to not lock but cement Kroy in big time. And with her wanting another child if she comes back to RHOA it will be the same thing of her being filmed around the house and her not wanting to go to their functions.

  • julie bennett

    awesome… love ya kim!!!

  • Ellen Love

    this woman is a total has been…never cared for her…she is truly a gold digger and when Kroy cannot support her she will dump him and collect Lots and Lots of child support…sorry Kroy but you really got suckered.

  • Trixie

    Kim is so rested because she gives the kids to the nanny. Yeah anyone would be rested if they were not taking care of their children. Keep doing reality shows Kim, keep paying those nannies.