Kim Zolciak Interested in RHOA if Price is Right

TMZ caught up with Kim Zolciak at LAX and asked her about potentially joining returning to the cast of RHOA as a full time housewife.

Kim revealed that she and NeNe are both on the season finale, and that she starts “filming Don’t be Tardy” on Monday.

The camera guy follows up insinuating that the answer is “no,” she won’t join the cast of RHOA next season, but Kim says, “I am motivated by money.” So if the price is right she would have no problem rejoining the cast.

The camera man asks one follow up question about if one housewife had to go on the current cast to make room for Kim who would it be? Kim answered quickly, “Kenya”.

What do you think about her comments? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Interested in RHOA if Price is Right”

  1. Kim reminds me of a poor man’s Erika Jayne without even an ounce of wit. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. Well said. I cannot stand Kim.
      We all know that it appears that absolutely anything is game for her for the right price too. She will jump to the next highest bidder in a sec.

  2. Always knew money was her motivating factor, ahem….Kroy. Poor dude, he didn’t realize that she knew how to keep income in her pocket–her back or knees, and squatting out babies from NFL player

  3. This figures. This bitch does NOTHING if the $$$$$$$s aren’t big enough. Since Kroy has had no luck in finding and keeping a job, then she feels she has to bring in the big bucks. I absolutely cannot stand this woman. Here’s hoping that Bravo doesn’t offer enough money and she will not be back on!!!!!

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