Kandi Burruss’ New House! PHOTOS!

The first look at Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been released, and it shows Kim Zolciak very irritated about her current housing situation. We see her and husband, Kroy, discussing their plans on where they are going to live. Then, when Kim goes to look at Kandi Burruss’ new home she says, “When I got off the exit to go to Kandi’s house, I locked my f—king dors.” Which would obviously be irritating for Kandi to hear.

So The Huffington Post asked Kandi what her reaction to Kim’s comments were and she starts off by saying, “I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but yeah, I was very irritated. I was a little perturbed. When she was saying little things, in my mind I was like, ‘Is she serious? Does she not realize that some of the things she’s saying are offensive?’ I didn’t know how to take it at that moment.”

Is it Kim’s hormones or jealousy that caused her rude behavior? “You don’t want to feel like a person that you’re cool with is jealous. And I know that she has a great life herself, and she has a lot of great things,” Kandi says. “At that time, there was some crazy stuff going on in her life, and it was all in the press about the lady wanting to put her out of that house.”

Kandi is referring to Kendra Davis evicting Kim and her family out of the house, but Kim has moved and she and Kroy are now building their dream home.

Kandi’s new home is in Cascade Heights, the same neighborhood where former Atlanta mayors Shirley Franklin and Andrew Young currently live, as well as baseball legend Hank Aaron. According to Wikipedia, the neighborhood is described as affluent and known for its high concentration of Atlanta’s African-American elite. Kandi purchased her new home in February, she had lived in her previous house for fifteen years, which she purchased when she was just nineteen. Congratulations to Kandi for the upgrade! She certainly deserves it, and has worked HARD for it! Her new home is quite large, features an indoor pool, and we’re sure a recording studio! Kandi, always modest, has revealed that she paid cash for her new crib, and that’s about all we know!


Tell Us- Was Kim just being Kim, or what she intentionally being rude?

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  • Kathy

    Kandi and all deserve a happy life. no one should really hnave to face sorrow and heartache as she’s had to go through with AJ…I really don’t care if he was exfiance or still fiance at the time he was murdered, she was truely hurt and they still had feelings for each other. It’s time for Kandi to be happy and have a wonderful life with her daughter….

  • stanhope

    Kandi is certainly deserving of happiness. She is one of the most real people on the show and has her OWN money. She’s smart and talented and is the only “really rich bitch” which I say in true affection. Congrats to her and best of luck.

  • Kris Hampton

    Smart move to buy those houses and join them together. You see how stupid Kim Zolziak is making stupid comments about Kandi’s home. That would probably be why her ass was evicted. #brokeazzbitch! She only has a net worth of 1.5 million and I’ll be glad when she’s off of the show. She doing nothing but securing her future by having babies and having her oldest kids adopted by a football star. I’ll give her marriage 1.6 more years!

  • Kayla Fontenot

    Kandi has made wise choices with her money. She will still be in her lavish home years from aow when these other so call rich biitches will in a simple apartment ! I hate bitches who get a little taste of fame and go in the wrong direction with it!

  • Diva318

    Very Happy for Kandi . And Kim was wrong for the comments she made . Kudos Kandi !

  • Anonymous


  • honeytece

    GREAT JOB Kandi. I wish you all the blessing you deserve in life. You have set an example for all single business women. I am currently mentoring 6 girls ages 13-16 how to better themselves. they all watch this show and have many comments on various individual. One thing I can they love you and Nene and was glad you two talk and air out your deference. You both have shown my girls that they can resolve issues with a knock down drag out fight. God bless you and your family in 2013.

  • Alex4Alex

    I am glad for Kandi and all she does to keep herself going. As for Kim, well what does one expect from someone who is full of herself. She does everything with a purpose yet the purpose is so wrong. She sure latched on to a man that is younger than her and a little naive. I hopw he does not lose everything he has worked for. The children are cute yet they will need better guidance. I hope the father steps in and they follow his ways.

  • Kandi todda congralation to your marriage god blessihope you the best .LOVE YOUR BESTFRIEND NUKILA SIMON

  • Jason

    Is this an area that has gone down and she got the house for a song and a dance? The area that homes once sold for 1-2 mil and are now selling for $500,000. I wish the best for Kandi and Kim but fact is that many of the housewife shows have grossly false elevated incomes. Either way I really do like this always trying to outdo the other one. Jealousy abounds in too many of these shows.