Kim Zolciak: I Hated Being On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Kim Zolciak-Biermann appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for five and a half seasons, and as her spin-off, Don’t Be Tardy is in its third season, Zolciak is revealing how she really felt about being on the show that her famous.

“I was made to look like a wine drinking, raging lunatic!” Kim tells In Touch Magazine in a new interview. “I hated it!”

Kim continues, “It got to a point where I felt like I was sacrificing myself for a paycheck. I never knew what I was getting into. I didn’t like half of the women on the show, so that made things difficult!”

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15 Replies to “Kim Zolciak: I Hated Being On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

  1. Bitch please. You drank ALL the time and f**k’d a man for his money. I seem to remember when you were “engaged” to the married Big Poppa…showing off that ring. Straight up whore.

  2. It’s funny how she forget’s that where would she be if she didn’t do the show. SMDH! #thankfulforwhatlifehasgivenyou!

  3. Hmmmm, so she hated being on this show. You could tell that by her last appearance when she was pregnant, and stormed out of a restaurant from the other ladies. Although, I find her obnoxious, and definitely annoying, I do like her show with her family. She definitely got lucky when she met Kroy. He’s a good father, and they do they seem to be very much in love. And you do have to admit she makes beautiful children. SO nice to watch a reality show without all the fighting and made up drama.

    I wish Teresa G, would have a similar show with her family, I think it would be very popular. Who knows, if Joe ends up in prison and she is left to support her girls, then maybe she might…

    1. Feel the same way about Kim! Didn’t like her on RHOA but love Don’t be Tardy. Definitely one of my favourite reality shows!

  4. Without the show she would never have met her now husband, and would continue to wear ugly wigs, and date married men for their money.

  5. Too ignorant, boorish, and slothful a woman for me to care what she does on tv, and clearly under delusions of grandeur if she thinks she’s somehow above the show which changed the trajectory of her life. I remember her showing up to Cynthia Bailey’s wedding clutching her own wine bottle, having the gaul to say she didn’t trust whatever they were serving to be up to her standards. I don’t know why she’s speaking ill of the show as if she’s suddenly on the Social Register, no amount of money or overpriced escort attire will change the fact that she is an ill-mannered, illiterate trollop with neither breeding nor dimension, and frankly a waste of a tv time (though thankfully not on MY television).

  6. I am sure she would love to “rewrite” her history but it is all there on tape. Then again, look at her parents. All very amoral, and kinda scary. Kroy is so dumb that there are no words. Their divorce will be epic. So many poor children now have to claim them as parents. So, Bravo will be there thru it all for Kim to deny that it was just bad editing.

  7. So Why does she have a third season?…I thought her children were adorable on RHOA….I hope that they are well….But I could not stand to watch her living a lie and spending all of their money to front a lifestyle lie…..If you have flunt it, if you don’t…don’t…..

  8. I didnt like her on Housewives of Atlanta, but I love her on Don’t Be Tardy. She has such a cute family. She needs to remember where she came from and what she has become, she needs to be greatful.

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