Kim Zolciak FIRES Back At Her Parents! Says Mother Is A Felon!

As we reported earlier today, Karen Zolciak, mother of Kim, spoke exclusively with RadarOnline about her suing Kim for rights to see her grandchildren. Karen said Kim uses her children as pawns and also blamed Bravo for her family’s problems. Now Kim is firing back after her mother’s accusations!

Kim is “heartbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her mother and father, Karen and Joe Zolciak,” her rep Jack Ketsoyan told RadarOnline and said she “cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren’s mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications.”

“It is clear from the pleadings filed by Mrs. Karen Zolciak that by claiming she is indigent she has committed perjury, a felony in Georgia, which holds a sentence of not less than one year of imprisonment but not more than 10 years imprisonment, a $1000.00 fine, or both,” Ketsoyan said.

“This alone should alert everyone that this Grandparent’s visitation lawsuit is for nothing more than publicity to drive up the price of her purported ‘tell all’ book about her daughter. Is there nothing more sacred than a parent and child bond, a mother and father’s love and a desire to protect their children?  Apparently not for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zolciak.” Ketsoyan added.

Kim, “cannot fathom why at this time her parents would vilify her in the press and then seek to have Mrs. Biermann to allow visitation. Mr. and Mrs. Biermann are not seeking media attention on this case, this is a personal and private matter, and would ask that the media respect their families’ privacy for the sake of the children.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo