Kim Zolciak Files Gag Order On Parents! Says They’re Looking For Tell-All Book Deal!

Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak is sick of her parents bashing her in the press! According to a report by TMZ the reality star has two words for her parents, SHUT UP! As we reported earlier, Kim’s mother, Karen Zolciak, is taking Kim to court to get visitation rights to see her grandchildren. Kim’s father, Joe, has also been in the press saying Kim is jealous of her mother, and has called Kim a pathological liar!

Kim filed an emergency motion in Georgia last week, asking a judge to STOP her parents (Karen and Joe) from publicly discussing their on-going case. More specifically, Kim says her parents are trashing her to various media outlets with vicious lies and claims their smear tactics are having a negative impact on her kids.

Kim also claims her parents are exploiting the family drama for “their own selfish reasons” — like inking a $50,000 tell-all book deal.

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One Reply to “Kim Zolciak Files Gag Order On Parents! Says They’re Looking For Tell-All Book Deal!”

  1. Why would Kim be jealous of her Mother (as Dad claims)? Kim’s parents need to realize that right or wrong, threatening their daughters family unit is NEVER the right move. Think about it….her Mom is trying to control HER family? Don’t think so!!! The Mama Bear instincts always come out when Grandparents pull this crap. My parents tried to sue me for visitation whenever they got mad at me, yet this drove us further away as I am not giving them any communication material for the courts so we are now estranged.

    Grandparents: be very careful about crying wolf on this issue. Could be irreversible…..

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