Kim Zolciak Disses Melissa Gorga’s Music!

Kim Zolciak

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak has just learned that her former co-star and friend Kandi Burruss is suing her for royalties and fees on the song Kandi produced for Kim; ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.’ Kim says she is ready to take Kandi, who will be represented by Phaedra Parks, on in the courtroom.

Now, Kim is weighing in on other Real Housewives turned singers, and she had quite a bit to say about Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga. A fan on Twitter wrote, “Kim is why it [Don’t Be Tardy For The Party] was a hit, if it wasn’t for Kim, no one would buy it, ask @MelissaGorga why her songs flopped.” Kim replied to the fan’s critisim of Melissa Gorga’s music, tweeting, “Prime example her album flopped!”


Do YOU agree with Kim about Melissa’s album?

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17 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Disses Melissa Gorga’s Music!”

  1. I don’t remember Kim’s ALBUM being a hit. The one song Tardy for the Party was a hit because Kandi made it a hit. I think Kim needs to go back and see what he song first sounded like before Kandi ever had anything to do with it and see how she sounded back then. Nobody would have allowed her in their bathroom to sing let alone in their studio.

  2. These two tricks are my least favorites of the housewives….so go at each other.
    Who cares! Neither has talent. But I’ll say Melissa performing on the show was way better than Kim’s offbeat, off tune nonsense. Between these two and LuAnne, my head hurts.

  3. Yeah that song stunk! If Kandi didn’t edit or whatever she does, that song wouldn’t have done nothing on the charts. Kim can’t sing at all without auto-tune, just like Melissa. Shes not good either. Its all auto-tune. Anyone can sound good with that.

  4. Y’all got it wrong. Kandi said it herself that her and Kim let the lawyers take care of it. Don’t cry over spoiled milk when u let it spoil.

  5. Melissa Gorga is a better performer than Kim the Klod, who can’t sing OR dance. Melissa has a pretty, natural singing voice, natural beauty, and if she chose to, would go farther than Kim ever could just based on that. She appears to be a sweet person inside and out and people can sense that. Kim lives in dreamy land and buys into the BS she is being fed by her “team” apparently. Can’t she hear her own voice? She is tone deaf! Someone said it awhile back, Kim’s jealous of anyone who achieves success; look how she reacted to Nene the minute she hit the big time. Now THAT’s sad, Kim.

  6. How delusional these girls are. Get rid of auto-tune and let them sing naturally. The fact that they are not embarrassed by this is amazing. And please, do not give Luann a mic, that was really horrendous.

  7. LMAO @ Lou…..can you make it anymore obvious that you are part of Melissa Gorga’s camp??? LOL

    Anyways…..I think part of what made tardy for the party sell is the beat and the catchy hook. I think at that time Kim was popular and people enjoyed her so that was def. an added bonus. KIm also knew the best demo for her was a gay audience so she catered to that. I believe Melissa Gorga was trying to do this as well hence why she performed in alot of gay clubs. I think Mego saw the money and popularity from Kim’s singe and wanted to replicate it. THe thing about Melissa is she has no originality. She copies EVERYONE. KIm is KIm and she pulled it off great. Melissa is not believable cause she looks like she is trying too hard. KIm cannot sing or dance but she owns this and she has stage presence. Melissa cannot sing or dance but she thinks she can lol. There in lies the difference. One is in on the joke whilethe other one really believes she is the next middle aged brittney spears.

  8. From party planners, former friends, landlords, and even her OWN PARENTS….everyone knows that Kim is shady (in my best phaedra voice). Kim lies and stretches the truth soo much tht I honestly think she starts believing her own lies. KIm knows damn well (as all of us saw the episode first hand) Kandi rewrote the ENTIRE song and produced the the heck out of the song. The only thing that stayed the sam was the title. How in GOd’s name does Kim get 98 percent and Kandi only 2? Every reunion we all saw Kandi literally crying over this…..Kandi gve Kim more than enough oppertuity to right this wrong. I think this was the last straw for Kandi. Good for her and I hope Kim has to be Kandi’s legal fees on top of that.

  9. Mel,
    Kim can not sing or dance. Melissa on the other hand is pleasing to watch and listen to. I don’t really care if auto tune is involved. Name one singer that doesn’t use it. They all do. Yes, I’m TEAM MELISSA and it’s odd you say she is copying Kim, when all the Melissa haters say she is copying Teresa. How can she do both?

    Melissa has produced songs and why does anyone care if she is a #1 on the top 10 or not? GEEZ, get a grip. Let the girl enjoy her new found voice.

  10. Pat,
    I think what Mel was saying is that Melissa copies Kim when it comes to trying to make money with a hit song and being a housewife. And yes she copies Tre. When it comes to acting like her (like her voice changes to sound just like Tre’s and she buys the same clothes for her and her kids.

  11. How is Melissa copying Kim when she’s wanted to be a singer her whole life? Please, get a better excuse. Melissa is one of the only housewives (other than Kandi) who has a nice NATURL singing voice. We’ve all heard it on RHONJ.

  12. Kim has alot of nerve! Melissa is way a better singer than Kim! Countess Leann is the one who started the trend after all.

  13. It does not matter it the song only made 1 dollar Kandi was due her part of the song, if it was not for Kandi, Kim would not have made that dollar. When you work don’t you want to be paid? This is a good reason why friends never do bussness together or lend money to the other one.

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