Kim Zolciak Denies Smoking While Pregnant!


Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak has been under a lot of scrutiny in the media as she was allegedly recently photographed smoking while she’s pregnant with her fifth child. The photos of Kim were reportedly taken last week, but the reality star has sent out a cease and desist letter to the photo agency that is selling the pictures, claiming that they weren’t taken recently. TMZ reports, “Kim feels the agency defamed her by creating a made-up scandal — and she also claims the photog was trespassing when the smoking pics were taken.”

Since the freelance photographer who snapped the pix of Kim was trespassing, the agency has removed the photos from their catalog.

Kim claims the photos of her smoking were taken a long time ago, although she doesn’t remember when. She would like an apology and still might sue the photo agency.

Photo Credit: Splash News


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  1. I’m sort of tired of Kim lying every time the truth doesn’t suit her, even though the lies are ridiculous.

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