Kim Zolciak Calls Lawsuit With Kandi Burruss Publicity Stunt & Says It’s All Lies!

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak is making it known that she is ready to take on her former co-star and friend, Kandi Burruss in the courtroom. Kandi sued Zolciak for copyright infringement over the song ‘Tardy For The Party.’ And as we previously reported, Phaedra Parks will be representing Kandi!

After finding out about Kandi’s legal action, Kim is ready for the battle! She says the lawsuit is “full of lies and malicious.” Zolciak continued to defend herself on Twitter. “If I owed her money, why did she do another song?” she asked. Kim also claimed “Kandi tried to pull the song down in Dec on iTunes but after I showed documents and proved points song was immediately put back up.”

Kim attended The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion which was shot this week, and it insiders say there was a lot of drama! Kim claims the lawsuit is a “publicity stunt” and said she finds it “funny yet sad.” Radar reports Kim said in an interview, “Coming after me now and this song is 4 years old? I have in fact overpaid Kandi and have documents to prove it and my legal team will handle this accordingly.”

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5 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Calls Lawsuit With Kandi Burruss Publicity Stunt & Says It’s All Lies!”

  1. kim stop the bull, we all know u owe her money she didnt go after you out of the grace of her heart cuz u guys were friends duh

  2. Why the heck would Kandi need the publicity? She has two projects with Bravo which include her own upcoming show and RHOA, her radio show, her music career which never really stopped, and her adult toy business, all doing well without this song being an issue. I don’t believe Kim knows what she is talking about. And the answer as to why Kandi would do another song if she was owed money could be very simple: Kim was her friend, she believed that Kim would pay in due time. Who knows what Kim told her?

  3. This ho has to realize unless her wig is too tight, that Kandi and her team MADE the magic with autotune and the rythem/beats to make Kim sound “acceptable.” Kim is a pure loser who completely uses people for money, fame, opportunity, and everything in life she has. She has no credability as she has burned so many bridges, like her past landlord!! She better realize there are witnesses and film footage of her pure lies that can make her look like a fool and the worthless liar that she is. I hope Kandi wins big against this ho as it is about time. Wrongs need to be right and so much so that it was a topic on TWO reunion shows. Gheez this sleeze is so ignorant and selfish.

  4. Amen to all of the above. Kim has no class, no loyalty and no conscience. She threw her own mother out of her wedding reception for God’s sake. She is a disgrace. Why does Bravo continue to give her the time of day? Give her the boot.

  5. I doubt you’ve ever ‘overpaid’ anybody in your life!Kandi is known to be a savvy businesswoman,you’re known to be a liar and a user.Honestly,why does Bravo keep giving this woman more opportunities to embarrass herself and,more importantly,her children? I won’t be watching her new show.

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