Kim Zolciak-Biermann Won’t Let Kenya Moore Get Under Her Skin Anymore

One of the biggest fights this season on the RHOA is when Kenya Moore and Kim Zolicak-Biermann get into it at NeNe Lakes party.

“I hate watching the drama unfold with Kenya, just allowing somebody to push by buttons,” Kim said when asked about having to watch that intense moment back months later. “I have not watched Housewives, I have not watched every episode since I left, so I didn’t know that Kenya was the type— I didn’t even know Kenya. I didn’t know she was the type to just push people and push people until they just lose it until Porsha [Williams] explained to me what she’s been through with her. So I didn’t feel as bad that somebody was able to trigger me and get me that pissed off. But that’s behind me. You’ll see through the season that that doesn’t happen again. No matter what I have to do when she’s around me, I do many things to just not even deal with her.”

After leaving halfway through season 5, Kim has made a few guest appearances since then, but this season she is a “Friend of the Housewives,” which means much more camera time.

“I’m very motivated by money and I love, like I’ve said, I’ve had a really great time hanging out with Sheree and doing these kind of events and going places and getting out of the house. So the bigger the check, the more time I spend, yeah,” Kim told E! News of her return. “The more, the merrier. This is all a short-lived roller coaster ride, you know? So I definitely want to get in as much money as I can.”

Are you glad Kim is back on this season of RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo