Kim Zolciak-Biermann Speaks Out About Her Feud with Kenya Moore

We have yet to see Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s return to RHOA, but we already know there is no love lost between Kim and Kenya Moore.

In a new interview, Kim is opening up about what started her public feud with Kenya.

“I don’t even know Kenya, and I don’t want to f*cking know her,” Kim said. “Kenya’s a dark cloud. She’s not a good person. I’ve never in my life looked at somebody in the eyes and saw an empty soul. That’s not being vindictive or because I’m mad, I’ve never seen such an empty soul in somebody in my life. I don’t even want to know her.”

Kim tells US Weekly that her feud with Kenya began last season when Moore went down in the basement and “talked sh*t” during a party at Sheree Whitfield’s house. When Zolciak approached her to say it was disrespectful to sneak into the basement, Moore’s reaction set her off.

“She started attacking my husband, my children, my parenting, my faith, my body, everything that she could attack. I was like, ‘Really?’ I just said you didn’t need to be downstairs,’” Kim continued. “She just laid into all of it. She had obviously been studying me prior. F*cking lunatic.”

Kim added, “She doesn’t know me. She didn’t know me pregnant. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve been around this lady, and it’s never once been without a camera. She has no idea who I am. She’s a fan.”

Are you excited for Kim’s return to RHOA?

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24 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Speaks Out About Her Feud with Kenya Moore”

  1. Hell no, I’m not glad she’s back! I had the ability to not watch her show, but this is leaving me no choice, if I want to watch RHOA!! I don’t understand why Bravo wanted her back on the show!! I’ll take Kenya(I don’t like her either) any day over Kim Z!!!!

  2. Nobody has to “know KZ to know she’s the “gold digger extraordinaire and empty soul”.. I have more sympathy for Kenya because she didn’t have parents growing up and is a still a self made woman”! She’s overcome tremendous obstacles to be the independent woman she is! All you’ve had to do is “watch the KZ chronicles on Housewives of Atlanta through the years” from “big papa” to pot of gold Biermann” to see KZ is all about “the money” (other people’s not her own)! People generally accuse others of what they are afflicted by! Potty mouth ought to not teach her babies to cuss like sailors..I’m surprised children services have not been called… it’s such a toxic environment..don’t be surprised to see them turn on her like she did her parents (he even abandoned his own parents over this old’s shameful! ) You will reap what you sow! Wait till the money runs out..and her big mouth starts poppin off on will come..can’t prop up that tired old ass forever w plastic surgery!

  3. I missed first part – Porsha is a flake but entertaining, Nene is just – I don’t even know – hateful, angry, bitter? Amazes me how Cynthia as pretty as she is can be so insecure. Inviting the peach wanna be boy to her party?!

  4. Who knows…it can’t be because he’s so wonderful at parties. Sometimes her taste in clothes is very grandma from the 70’s look. (no offense to any grandmothers from the 70’s)
    I remember my babysitter doing that with orange juice cans!

  5. Kroy himself has admitted she makes her own money and had it when they married. She actually does have her own businesses. He says he is also really enjoying staying home and being with his family after not being picked up for a team and enjoys helping Kim with her businesses. Kroy is a highly intelligent, kind man who is a good parent and husband. I hope they include him in the show. They should do a real house husbands show. I tend to like the men more than the women anyway,

  6. When Kenya joined the show she was looking to be HBIC. Unfortunately for her that position was filled and she wasn’t about to snatch anyone’s crown. I think after Nene left and it became more of an ensemble cast so to speak as no one was better than the other except Kandi (who knew it but didn’t flaunt it), Kenya relaxed and re-aligned her focus. Yes last season she jabbed at Crapteau Sheree but really that was it. She seems more muted, less Krayonce, and def less trying to steal a spotlight. But thats not what viewers want so the conflict with Kim was created and pushed as a storyline this season.

    Back when Kim was fun to laugh at and with but now she’s just an over inflated trash bag. I can’t stand her or her eldest daughter. Don’t watch her show to know much more about Kroy and the rest of her kids.

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