Kim Zolciak-Biermann To Show Son Kash’s Dog Attack On Don’t Be Tardy

Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s 5-year old son Kash was attacked by a dog in April. He was rushed to the hospital for “traumatic injuries” immediately, but is doing fine now. We have just learned that the new season of Don’t Be Tardy will show footage of Kash being attacked by the dog, and it’s Kim’s personal footage.

“Cameras were down, so producers used the Biermann’s surveillance footage to show the reaction of the incident,” an insider revealed.

“A lot of the hospital footage is shot on Kim, Kroy [Biermann] or Brielle [Biermann]’s phones,” the insider added. “Then the cameras were able to make it for the aftermath.”

“Kim has been very vocal to the network that she wants the story told in a way to protect the family dog and herself from any liability,” the insider told RadarOnline.

Kim’s son was recently told that he wouldn’t need any “additional surgeries” to fix his face, and he was gifted with a pitbull for his birthday earlier this month.

I am so happy to report that Kash is still recovering and so amazingly!! He is the true definition of a pure innocent child ❤ The injuries sustained to his skin are healing up perfectly because of his amazing doctors, nurses, modern medicine, my homeopathic treatments his will and his positive attitude. Kroy, I and his doctors are amazed by his progress. 😍Again he will have no physical problems once he is fully healed and we are confident his mental and emotional state is healing back to its original state as well. He is just truly amazing. I love spending everyday with him 🙊 I could eat him up, (he is still out of school) Thank you again for EVERYONE’S love, support and prayers. They have not gone unnoticed. And I firmly believe they made all the difference. 💋 P.S. the nurse in this pic Danielle walked the halls with me, reassured me and found me a staircase (I avoid elevators) and was so sweet to us! Thank you Danielle (if you are reading this) 😉 GOD is sooo Good!

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Photo Credit: Bravo