Kim Zolciak Biermann Scores Low On DWTS Premire


Dancing With the Stars‘ twenty first season premiered this past Monday night and Don’t Be Tardy/ former Real Housewives of Atlanta  star Kim Zolciak Biermann made her dancing debut. With an Egyptian-themed salsa performance and killer outfit, Kim danced with partner Tony Dovolani to the song “Hey Mama” by Nicki Minaj and David Guetta. The mother of six did get a score of 12 out of 30 points and got emotional after her performance.

She spoke to E! News about her experience saying, “It’s a lot to take in. I think that yes I get the dance, but letting go is a very hard thing to do for somebody who is in such control…it’s something I need to work on. I’ll work on it until I win.”

This is a big step for me. A minute seems like a lifetime. I’m just really grateful.”

As for her tears at the end of the dance, “For me it was tears of joy, happiness. I’m really proud of me, even though they don’t think I did great, in my mind I did great.”

You can check out Kim’s performance below! The two part premiere is continuing tonight on ABC.

Photo Credit:Bravo

18 Replies to “Kim Zolciak Biermann Scores Low On DWTS Premire”

  1. It was obvious she didn’t put the time or work into it! GARY BUSEY beat her. This isn’t a plastic surgery competition, u just can’t lay there and do nothing!! #lazylady

  2. Few observations:
    1. her dancing ranked right up there with her singing.
    2. She isn’t as thin as she portrays doing those photoshops–can’t photoshop those thighs and that gut on live TV–by the way, she does look good for woman who gave birth 6 kids, but hate how she always try to photoshop her body.
    3. Big Papa ain’t buying her way out of this.

  3. She danced as though she has arthritis all over her body, probably she was weighted down by her wig and all the silicone…or perhaps she as afraid to botch her nosejob…we’ll never know

  4. Truly embarrassed for this lazy woman! You can tell she’s not used to moving her body or doing physical activity other than “sexual stuff”..lolol
    I just can’t with this one!

  5. When I saw her dancing and saw her thighs I could not help thinking about my recent trip to Spain and the restaurant where they have all these cured hams hanging from the ceiling …

  6. Poor Tony Dovolani. He won’t have a chance with her. She moved like a heavy sandbag…and I don’t call that dancing. The outfit was hideous. Yes, all of her photos are heavily photoshopped and even her massive liposuction cannot rid her of her body type, though that shouldn’t affect dancing, though maybe she cannot see her feet? Clearly she wasn’t practicing. Even in the starting segment, Tony pointed to her face on a TV screen, since she did not partake in that introductory group dance that most everyone was in. I guess she called out sick? She was absolutely terrible. She had the lowest scores I have seen in a long time. They usually give fives the first week if there was even a bit of effort. She got only 4s and deserved no more than 1s..if they have those!

  7. I for one and hoping she ends up at the bottom…. the sooner she gets voted off the better…. can you say Trailer Trash!!!!! Not economic status TT behavior….. she is so disgusting….

  8. Ah well, my prediction was true. No self knowledge – living instead is a social media student flunking a real world test with no paycheck..

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