Kim Zolciak-Biermann Says She Will Never Divorce Kroy

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is speaking out about the Housewives divorce curse, vowing that she will never divorce her husband Kroy.

“That’s not an option in my house,” Kim said of divorce in a new interview.

“I would never allow a show to impact my marriage in any way. My marriage is definitely first,” she told Fox News.

Many Housewives have gotten divorced throughout their run on the show. Those include; Camille Grammer, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Bethenny Frankel, Adrienne Maloof, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer and most recently Kelly Dodd.

Kim believes so many Housewives have gotten divorced because it’s “easier” than addressing relationship issues.

Zolciak-Biermann claims she hasn’t gotten that caught up in the “hype of TV and the publicity” when it comes to her marriage.

She says her husband is “super hot. I just really believe we put the kids to bed at 8 o’clock, we do have a couple hours [to ourselves].”

What are your thoughts about Kim’s vow to not divorce Kroy? Let’s discuss!

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18 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Says She Will Never Divorce Kroy”

  1. Never say never, Kim! When the money runs out she’ll have to find some rich old man to continue to pay for her plastic surgery. I love that she said she hasn’t allowed herself to get caught up in the reality tv hype!

  2. You guys do mean “meal ticket” because this aging “gold digger” had to lock and load “quick”! Kroy was a rising NFL star who was “young and dumb” enough to marry her when no one else men don’t marry women like that.. so she had to pop out the four insurance policies (I mean children)!!

  3. I wouldn’t either – he seems like such a genuine man and you can see he really loves her. They seems to have a good relationship with each other and balance each other out. For Kroys sake I hope it stays that way.

    1. I feel that way too cat62. I sense these two really honest to G-d are into each other. No matter if I thought she’s a digger in the past I think this time it’s for love.

  4. Really ticks me off when ppl say, “divorce is not an option” in my house. STFU!
    Really? She doesn’t think that most ppl go into a marriage thinking that same thing? Most ppl DON’T want a divorce; most ppl try every last avenue before getting a divorce; no one wants divorce to be an option.
    *rolls my eyes*
    Talk to me after 20 years of marriage–not 5 years!

  5. What is with Kroy?
    First, he & Kim watch teenage Brielle on the cameras that are installed in her BEDROOM.
    Then, they take Ariana’s bedroom door off.
    On tonight’s episode, Kroy has a one on one talk with Ariana in her bedroom & asks if she wants A CLEAR SHOWER CURTAIN. That, in my opinion, is SICK. She’s 15 years old, Kroy. Show your step-daughter some respect, give her privacy and GET HELP.

  6. You are the best!!! I will look for the Steve Madden line…while I love and have expensive taste $10,000 for a pair of shiny boots is too much. And not quite sure I just love the heel – but I’m more practical. Dorit’s boots (I’m a sucker for boots) – the red ones – and LVP’s coat…oh my, LOVE!!!!

  7. I just love you, please know that. Tell me what’s hot for the 60 year old professional woman who is in decent shape, not ready to give up but doesn’t want to be ridiculous either and I will be on the lookout for those boots, thanks!!!

    1. Hey, Ms. Anita!

      Whoo, I just got in from a work trip and have to go the studio (unpacking work stuff), but I’ll be back later in the early eve (probably morning your time in the US). I love the fantasy of al the things we put in magazines, but in “real life”, grown women have to dress so that they don’t look Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, lol. I’ll be back with some tips on how to translate the trends into something that makes sense ❤️

  8. Don’t Be Tardy reminds me of a train wreck in that you can’t help but look while flipping through the channels.
    The way Kroy giggled with delight when Kim said she’d get Ariana the see through blinds for her bedroom window was so CREEPY. IMHO, Kroy is obsessed with Ariana. Why is he so fixated on this GIRL?

    *In my opinion, animals should be banned from the Biermann home. I couldn’t believe the way Brielle threw that adorable baby turtle to the ground after “it moved.” Uh yah, Brielle, living things tend to do that. Loved how Kopech looked at her like the IDIOT she is. A baby turtle has no business living in a tiny glass jar to begin with.

    *Oooooo, hot shot Kroy, who admitted he scared the poor dog with the leaf blower (leading to his son’s bite), wants to shoot the dog. What if KJ had bitten Kash (which has likely happened)? Would you shoot or get rid of him?! Man up, Kroy. Admit YOU screwed up & STOP BLAMING THE DOG. You knew Sinn was scared of the leaf blower and you powered it up anyway & without properly supervising your kids! You admitted you had your back turned to them. How do you know Kash didn’t grab or hurt Sinn (even by accident) when you weren’t watching? Kash “doesn’t remember” what happened so he can’t tell you.

    *Just when I thought Brielle couldn’t get any dumber. She calculated that she & Kopech see each other 5 times a month or according to Brielle, 30 times a year. 5 x 12 = 60, Brielle. How the f— did she graduate high school?!

    *WHY would someone as smart & as talented as Kopech waste his time with Brielle? They don’t even know each other!

    *The ONE thing I have to agree with Brielle on is that Kroy seems to spend A LOT of his time trying to control her & Ariana. IMO, something just isn’t right there. He seems to spend very little time with his four biological kids compared to Brielle and especially Ariana. Plus, the way Kroy CRIED while placing the rings on Brielle & Ariana’s fingers during his marriage to their mother was creepy.

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