Kim Zolciak-Biermann Responds to Miss Lawrence Plastic Surgery Claim

RHOA and Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak-Biermann had quite the response to Miss Lawrence’s claim that Kim has had major plastic surgery.

Miss Lawrence said, “She done did something to her nose, her brow bone, her hairline bone, her jaw bone. Her eyes,” on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Kim shared an image on Twitter that responds to Miss Lawrence’s claim of plastic surgery saying,”Sweetie @lawrenceatl didnt touch my brows, eyes, jaw, whatever else u said if u find a surgeon who will work on some1 on heavy duty blood thinners let me know been on them almost 2 yrs to the day! Don’t act like you know me I haven’t seen you in years.”

Even Kim’s daughter Brielle commented that “doesn’t even make sense.”

Do you believe Kim?

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63 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Responds to Miss Lawrence Plastic Surgery Claim”

  1. Kim, you’re walking like a duck , quacking like a duck so I’m guessing you’re a duck .

    Stop LYING ! Just admit you had shit done and keep it moving . And control your troll daughter

  2. I don’t understand why she won’t just cop to all the surgeries. She’s had some pretty drastic things done and she seems to expect people to believe her when she says she was born that way or pregnancy made her nose shorter – UGH!!!

  3. Really?? Then she should stop LYING and admit it then we can all move on. Continuing to LIE when she looks like a cartoon just makes her look even stupider

    Nobody’s arguing it’s her body , so don’t give me that defense . Just admit what we all know she and Brielle did

      1. What a crock about not being able to have surgery because of blood thinners! Doctors work with them all the time. There are ways of adjusting and working around and with blood thinners. Life and medical care/procedures don’t stop because someone is taking blood thinners. Nice try, Kim!

    1. Why do you care so much? This effects your life how? And if you care about her life that much you live a sad, pathetic, and lonely life. She owes no one an explanation of what she has done with her body!!! If she wants to deny it then that is on her. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!!!!

      1. Shut up fool. Who are you again ??? Why are you even here if you ‘don’t care ‘. Laughable
        Yes blah blah , pathetic lonely life etc etc etc . Are you saving the world ? Imbecile

        1. It pretty sad that you think you are that important on this site !!! You don’t have to know me Girl ! I ‘m given you my perspective of you. You are sad and thirsty!!!! Get over yourself. !!! If you want to attack people because of your their different opinion from yours I going to respond to your asinine comment!!! We all have opinion on things that why they are opinions. No Need to ass!!!!

  4. Kim has had some work done, lets be honest here, but I don’t believe its that extensive. I think she’s just getting creative with her upkeep…little tuck here and there so its not as noticable

  5. Sure looks like lip injections – but I don’t think that qualifies as plastic surgery. most of the ladies get fillers, botox ,etc – don’t you think?

  6. You people need to great a grip on reality!!! I totally agree about expressing your opinion that is what this site is all about. Most of you attack other people about their opinion and then your little minions start to do the same. You are bullies!!! You hide behind a computer and a non face profile picture!!!You start to attack there appearance and say stupid shit!!!! Karma is a bitch and it coming for you!!!

  7. I don’t understand why people want huge, inflated lips. They look absolutely ridiculous. I guess they don’t care that people point and laugh at them.

  8. Smart lady , a year off with pay , nothing better . Girl , when you talk about the rural areas and such I can’t help but to hear the banjo play . I totally some things funny that probably should not be . To make it worse I normally have resting bitch face . With that people normally think I’m just mean .

  9. So he’s a keeper , hard to find . I’ve never heard of Shamrock but I have seen those signs. I tend to step on the gas when I do . You’re welcome for the ear worm lol

  10. Lol , a bathroom window . We do what we have to . I’m one of those people who finds perfection in imperfections . I like to say that I’m perfectly imperfect funny how life works . You found each other at the time you needed to

  11. Lol, I’ve heard so much about them . I started dating my old man when we were teenagers . So not much experience on that end. My in-laws have made me want to tunnel out more than once though

    1. Oh, the In-Laws…
      I adored my Father-in-Law..
      I loved my then Husband’s Biological Mother.
      But, his Dad Divorced, and Married … Oh.. Drama.
      Not to mention his Children and X-Wife…
      So, much Drama and so,
      much baggage…
      I exited, Stage Left…
      Too much for me..

  12. Drama is probably too kind of a word to use in my situation but , I’ll stick with it. Let us just say that the women in the hubby’s family are very , very hard to get along with and totally to into them selves

  13. Good heavens..Kim is beyond recognition. She looks like a mannequin. The thing is, in her case plastic surgeries were not needed as she was quite pretty without the remake.

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