Kim Zolciak-Biermann Renews Her Vows

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her husband Kroy Biermann renewed their vows in a ceremony that included their entire family.

Kim shared a photo on her Instagram of her and Kroy in paradise (aka the beach) dressed in white where it looked like they created a second wedding. Kim and Kroy looked especially stunning in a gorgeous white gown and tan suit.

Life is but a dream ❤️

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Daughters Brielle, Ariana, and Kaia matched their mama in white dresses, while sons KJ, Kash, and Kane looked like mini-Kroys in tan shorts, white shirts, and pink bowties.

I am the LUCKIEST wife/mother on this planet! I never will ever take my family for granted! God is so good!

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❤❤❤ my boys 5, 4 and 3 yrs old!

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Couple of my boys ❤❤ @kroyjaggerbiermann @kroybiermann

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And of course, the family had time for a little fun.

Life 😍😍

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First for everything!! ❤️ dress by @leannemarshallofficial photo credit: my hubby

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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Kim doesn’t do anything for free. This looks to be her promoting something or being paaid for doing this.
Yes looks like they are still in love, but this chick is very money hungry.
Nice pics.

Great pics

Nouveau riche…gross

We have a HUGE dress with a ridiculous bow, a beach , a horse , etc etc . Over the top , as usual . They should’ve stuck with the sweet family pics with their children .
She’s getting worse and worse . I do actually like Kroy from the little I’ve seen of him . She’s just exhausting

She spends money like water. I find her sickening. Then the white gown is over the top like a first wedding. I wonder if either of their parents were there. It certainly seems like she is only with her hubby, Kroy and their children. That is the only family for her, and it is sad for the children that they are not seeing grandparents. Kroy must be brainwashed or something. Now he is making money from reality TV, anyway. Kim is milking it as much as she can too. I don’t watch this show. I feel sorry for the children.… Read more »

Ha ha! I just realized that Kroy’s pants are split at the crotch! Where is the Photoshopper when this was taken. Fire that photographer! LOL

Yes, it was a selfie, but still! 😮

The bigger question Sandy is why were you fixating on his crotch? LOLLOLOL
I kid, I kid ! Xoxxo

Funny, how I just KNEW you would say that! I didn’t even notice the first time, so there! (Didn’t you look?) 😀

That’s just the trap door in Kroys pants. Easier for Kim to wrench away his manhood so he’ll participate in this charade.

So sad….the oldest girl is about 20, yet she looks 40 after all the work she has had on her face