Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reacts to Animal Control Complaint

RHOA star Kim Zolciak-Biermann took to Snapchat to express her “disgust” towards an unknown social media follower who called animal control on her, complaining that the Bravo star wasn’t taking care of her foster dogs properly.

In the video, the mom of six revealed that a stranger had called animal control to complain about her treatment of her three foster puppies, Shiloh, Sage and Stella. According to Kim, Fulton County Animal Services came and checked on the condition of the animals.

“Apparently somebody thought it would be really cute to call the animal control center on my dogs today and say they were not being taken care of,” Kim said in the video. “I am utterly f*cking disgusted and appalled by the person who did this.”

“Of course we are in the clear because my dogs are very well taken care of,” she said, adding that she’d actually paid more than $3,000 to take care of the pups.

“I will no longer be sharing any part of my dogs and their life on my social media any longer,” she insisted.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reacts to Animal Control Complaint”

  1. She looks like she has been pulled, plucked and stretched in every direction. Sad because touch ups are supposed to refresh your look NOT make you look fake and she looks fake. It’s like those people who have crowns put on their front teeth and ask for them to be the whitest they can be a I can tell in a second when teeth are fake they look unnatural. Kim looks unnatural.
    As far as the pets go I would be worried about them being in her care. Hell she cannot take care of her kids much less three dogs. I hope the SPCA takes them away. Sorry Kim you put all the crap out there for everyone to see and you expect all of us to feel sorry for you? Nope never going to happen.

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