Kim Zolciak-Biermann Has Never Known if NeNe Leakes Actually Likes Her

Kim Zolciak-Biermann believes NeNe Leakes has crossed one too many lines and there isn’t much hope for a future friendship between the two.

“Nene and I have been on a roller coaster ride forever, but when you make comments [about being] part of the KKK, it’s a little bit too far for me and my family and my husband,” Kim said in a new interview.

The latest feud between the women started on Instagram of all places. When Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann posted a video about allegedly finding cockroaches in NeNe’s house. NeNe then went to Instagram, accusing Kim and her family of being racist.

“It’s definitely hard to bounce back from, and to put that in somebody’s head, it’s just foolish and ignorant, but that’s social media. You know, she clearly doesn’t have somebody telling her to think before she puts it out there. That’s evident,” Kim told ET. “She needs a Kroy [Biermann] telling her, ‘That’s probably not a good idea, sweetie pie. Let’s not do that.'”

How the two will act towards each other at the upcoming RHOA reunion still remains to be seen.

I never know what’s going to happen, especially with NeNe. I don’t know if she likes me or not throughout the years, so it’s always kind of been like a guessing game from day to day,” Kim explained. “But you think of what you’re going to say and what farewell gift you’re going to give to this girl who lost her peach. So, I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about it.”

“We all get ready for it. We’re working out, we’re doing our hair, getting our lips done, it’s like… we’re ready,” she added.

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5 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Has Never Known if NeNe Leakes Actually Likes Her”

    1. Yup. Every time me I look at Kim all I see is a girl who ever so desperately wanted to be an “Erika Jayne” in her life; a brassy showgirl with the wit and smarts of Mae West married to a powerful man . Kudos to Kim for landing an athlete and fabulous home with apparently endless trips to Neiman’s, but there’s not much to her beyond that. From her one hit wonder single for her non-existent singing career (where Leah Black said she couldn’t even perform onstage) to her trailer park mouth and never being able to move from point A to B without a menthol cigarette in one hand and a plastic solo cup in the other, she just comes off as self-important and…gross.

  1. KZB thinks the sun and the moon rises out of her a** and it doesn’t! Kroy has to worship that p***y or else! He has been destroyed by this old whore! Trailor park trash, ugly Howard the Duck lips (when she laughs or cries they are SO ugly), gold digger extraordinaire (wait till the money runs out (and it will) because no one is hiring him because of how she tries to manage his career..the NFL thinks he is PW’d also) and she has no loyalty to anyone but herself (and the trailer park kids she dropped to lock and load on ths poor guy)!! She doesn’t teach her kids anything but how to curse and be disrespectful brats! Who goes into someone’s bathroom when they are visiting their home as a guest and sits on their floor to do “selfies)???.. then post a disrespectful screenshot to infer they have a dirty house/ cockroaches? I don’t care for Nene much either but I don’t blame her for being angry at Kim or her daughter! Kim should have had her “mini me apologize pubically” if she was truly interested in salvaging a friendship with Nene! Kim’s an empty vessel..not real bright and has zero empathy for other people.. a sociopath! She’s a control freak EXACTLY like her mother and picked a man (like her father) she can control.. just like mommy! She needs a “man” Kroy who will “be the leader”instead of following her around with your nose stuck up her a**..come on Kroy you married a trashy b****h and made her the mother of your children..she isolated you from your family so she could control you too! She has No family and she’ll just keep draining the pot of gold by her incessant shopping and plastic surgeries! You better find a job.. fast!

  2. Both these bitches are fighting for a 2 million salary for S11 and as andy loves them both and their fued is going on I think Kim might get million+ salary for S11

    I think Kenya and Cynthia will be gone for S11. Kenya hiding her marriage off RHOA. Can’t be good for producers

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