Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kandi Burruss Feud Over Social Media

Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak-Biermann got into a Twitter feud when Kandi called out Kim for lying about her propositioning her for oral sex after this week’s episode aired.

Kandi tweeted, “I’m sick of these bitches lying on me. @KimZolciak I have NEVER wanted you or your box. And stop swearing on your kids while you’re telling lies. Lying ass bitch. Somebody’s really reaching for a permanent peach here… This is my house. You’re just a visitor!”

Kim fired back at Kandi, writing, “If anybody is lying it’s you @kandi You and your husband are full on swingers fucking all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it. And bitch if it weren’t for me there would be no house. Remember I built this house!”

Who do you believe?


12 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kandi Burruss Feud Over Social Media”

  1. I thought we were done with all of this disgusting conversation last season, but apparently not. RHOA has gone off the rails completely; I feel like I need a shower after watching.

      1. Now we come to find out that Kim is backtracking and recanting her story, saying that she never said Kandi wanted to perform oral sex on her…this woman is too much.

  2. Kandi.. tune this trailer park trash out.. she’s white noise! This 15-minute fame whore (FW) is the filthiest dumbest gold digger in the ATL! Foul mouthed disrespectful kids, mini-me 20 yr old already addicted to plastic surgery..her husband has lost his NRL career and his family over this evil woman and is so PW’d he’s “crippled “! It isvlukecatchngbactrain wreck! America cringed when the announcement was made she was coming back on RHOA! Look.. she’s already Managed to insult/ disrespect Nene..Kenya and NOW you! Give it Time..She’ll alienate the others too because she’s a narcisstic dumb c**t! She just can’t shut her fat Donald Duck lips! Did you hear her talk about how she had to have her Toy Boy Troy on speed dial to run some Pizza to her highness! This poor guy has no self- respect or manhood left! Did you hear her delusional dribble about being a “higher power”..OMG! She is the sun and the planets all revolve around her! Narcissist!

    1. But there’s a vast difference between the two platforms in terms of ad revenue, viewer popularity, pop culture impact and the kind of power it affords its’ cast members that can extend to other arenas in the business. Kimmy’s show is not doing THAT well, hence all of these public feud antics from her and Brielle – kicking up dirt to garner press cycles. When you look at the scene in question where she made that accusation, it was clear from her phrasing and body language she was lying. She was no more telling the truth then, than she was when she tried to plant the seed on-air that Nene was on drugs and a crackhead. Beyond that, everyone knows Kandi is sexually fluid, but I think it stinks to say just because a person is sexually fluid they want everyone in sight; and this is the go-to scandal and marginalization tactic for these girls and I think that’s wrong. Besides, Kimberly has no room to talk about who is chomping on whom considering it’s only been but a hot minute since she was chomping on DJ Tracey Young for record spins of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party”. I’m not even going to touch how she was shagging real estate developer Thomas Kramer for room and board during the girls’ mini-trip to Miami. She’s been nothing but trouble this season and lashes out at any and everyone with either an insult or a lie to get things popping, and it doesn’t help that her producer from “Tardy” has now also been assigned to “RHoHA”; it’s practically given her carte blanche to be a jackass to everyone this season.

      1. Spot on … “it’s only been but a hot minute since she was chomping on DJ Tracey Young for record spins of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party”. Also true that just because someone is highly sexual it doesn’t mean they would usually just bang anyone that crosses their path – usually.

  3. Kim…watching her this season…I don’t know what high horse she thinks she rode in on, but her behavior is HORRIBLE. She is rude, entitled, condescending, somehow believes she is above everyone else on the cast- and only shows up in every scene to start a fight. She lies incessantly, and I notice she’s been following this nasty reality show trend of seed planting and bomb dropping knowing full well she can’t be sued because of the way the Housewives contracts are structured. She’s gross. Not a fan at all.

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