Kim Zolciak-Biermann Joins Dancing With The Stars


As if being a wife, mother of six children, maintaining a household and filming a reality show isn’t enough for Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zociak-Biermann, the blonde-bombshell is now joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars for their twenty-first season.

Seaon 21 of the show includes Paula Deen, Nick Carter, Bindi Irwin, Carlos Pena, Victor Espinoza and Hayes Grier. DWTS is set to air September 14th and the full cast will be announces on Good Morning America September 2nd.

Do you think Kim is a good addition to DWTS? How far in the show will she last? Sound off in the comments below!

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26 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Joins Dancing With The Stars”

  1. So how is she gonna keep up when she has to constantly take a cig break and probably will run out of breath after the first cha-cha-cha? Is this a younger version of Chloris Leechman?

    1. I find it funny that they adked how would she keep up with kids, running a household and so on????? Really she has nanny and house keepers and so on….what does she really do? Other than fix, pull and tuck things! And no not a good addition!

  2. The only time you see her move, is when she has to get in the car to go to her numerous plastic surgery appointments! How is she going to make it through 1 dance. This is hysterical!!

  3. The other plus to this story is it will upset Ramona, She has been wanting to Dancing with the Stars!
    Our Strictly come dancing starts next week in UK!!! Yay!!! When Len and Bruno are there can you all kidnap them so we don’t have to have them back!!!! PLEASE!!

    1. Len won’t be back. I believe he finished his final season. He doesn’t want to travel so much. He isn’t so young any more. That’s a ten from Len…not usually. The host called Len grouchy a lot. I stopped watching a while ago but watch occasionally if someone interests me…usually just clips. I guess you’re stuck with Len then?

  4. Im sorry, but i look at dancing with the stars as. Classy. And the people usually have class as well. Why would you want to put kim in there? I do t get it. No affense to kim, but she. Doesnt fit that.

  5. This ought to be rich…ABC will not be able to keep up with the button to press to bleep her curse words….betcha she drops out early with an injury….

  6. I never watched DWTS and I wouldn’t watch it with Kim. BUT if Paula Deen is on I will watch until she is eliminated..

  7. Wow so Many haters. What happened to lifting women up and giving some kudos instead of hate. Very sad.
    I think she can do it if she chooses to. Not an easy task to take on, that’s for sure.

    1. Really? It will be the first time on DWTS that the bleep button is the entire soundtrack for rehearsal. Of course she CAN be on it if asked, but we’re discussing whether we want to see her on it, or even if she’s of the caliber of the typical contestants.

  8. Aw he**!!!! Another some time program I watch is down the drain. There are some things money cannot buy. No one requires that she know what those things are so she will have a hard time justifying early elimination.

  9. DWTS ran out of “stars” a long time ago…but I’m looking forward to seeing Kim. I think she’s a hoot and it’ll be fun to watch her.

  10. If nothing else it will show her what being “in shape” really means. When she was first on Atlanta I thought the show was a satire, not a true reality. I saw a few minutes and it was Kim and I totally thought the whole thing was a joke. When I saw the BH and NY shows at first I didn’t even realize it was the same franchise. But when she met Kroy I saw a show again and started watching. I never bought the first seasons, or any of Atlanta because they really do argue so much I can’t hear anyone. I have now seen a season and still don’t really like or dislike any of them that much. I have opinions on Phaedra’s kids and a few issues, of course.

  11. Oh nooooooooo! I hope she’s the first person voted off. Can’t stand her and I avoid watching anything with her yappy, screaming mug on it.

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