Kim Zolciak-Biermann Gets Closer to Signing Deal to Return to RHOA

It looks like the chances of Kim Zolciak-Biermann returning to next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are looking like more like a reality, everyday.

Kim confirmed she would return to the show for the right amount of money saying, “Everything has a price. I’m just giving it to you straight. Given the right amount of money for anything? Yeah, count me in. I like to work. I have six children to support, so for sure!”

Now, insiders are telling RadarOnline, that idea isn’t so far-fetched. “That idea certainly isn’t far-fetched,” the source revealed. “The door is always open for Kim. She’s been part of the Bravo family for a long time.”

Would you like to see Kim return to RHOA?

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oh HELL NO – I won’t be watching this one either anymore

Frank Van Der Heijden

The husband doesn’t have a job and the money has been mostly spent on wigs, botox and collagen injections on her piehole….it’s normal she needs to go back to work now


I Can Not stand Kenya she is fake as fake can be she is dreading that Kim will come back cause Kim will be center housewife

I have enjoyed watching her on her other show with her kids and husband. RHWOA seems to turn her into a person i just do not like. But as she said…its a paycheck and she has a family to support so…