Kim Zolciak-Biermann Attacks Kenya Moore’s Birthday Message for her Husband

RHOA stars Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kenya Moore seem to have the feud that is never ending.

On Friday evening, Kenya posted a message on Instagram celebrating her newlywed husband Marc Daly’s birthday, writing, “Happy Birthday to my husband my one and only my everything. Your wife for life #MrsDaly.”

Happy Birthday to my husband my one and only…my everything. -Your wife for life #MrsDaly

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Then, The Shade Room reposted Kenya’s Instagram post and that is when Kim just had a one word answer saying, “Lies!!” Referring to the fact that Kim believes that Kenya and Marc aren’t a real couple.

Chileee #KimZolciak is out here letting it be known she doesn’t believe #KenyaMoore and her boo are a real couple 👀

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What do you think of this ongoing feud?

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2 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Attacks Kenya Moore’s Birthday Message for her Husband”

  1. At least Kenya has had real accomplishments in her life and we can only wish her the best and hope she has finally found true love! KZ’s only claim to fame is popping out illegitimate children.. living off of married sugar daddies and finally landing a man too “young and dumb” to know what kind of woman she really is! She popped those kids out to “lock and load on him” before he could find out that shes trailer park trash! There’s “nothing real” about KZ.. is there a body part on her that hasn’t been “enhanced modified or rearranged”! Fame whore ! She has destroyed her husbands career..she will finish destroying her young husbands life, spend whats left of his dwindling money and screw those kids up! Alienated them all from BOTH sets of grand parents..Already had them cursing “like her” by the time they were 2-3 years old! Giving birth to children is no guarantee that you are a good mother! Those kids are simply insurance policies! I am amazed children’s services haven’t been called on this clueless aging selfie addict! Narcissist Incorporated! She doesn’t love anyone except herself!

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