Kim Zolciak-Biermann Attacks Kenya Moore for Quick Wedding During Fight

The fight between RHOA stars Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak-Biermann just keeps getting bigger, and more details have come out about Kim attacking Kenya over her quick wedding.

We previously reported that Kenya went after Kim over her finances at NeNe Leakes white party, but apparently that wasn’t the only thing being argued about.

“Kenya came into the party flashing her wedding ring and calling Kim jealous that she took her spot on RHOA,” the insider told RadarOnline

Kenya even said that, “she’s a real housewife – referring to Kim’s plastic surgery!”

“Kim taunted Kenya saying that her recent union is fake and she doesn’t have a marriage license!” the insider added. “The insults continued with Kim bringing up her the timing between her ex, Matt Jordan and her ‘husband.’”

Are you surprised Kim and Kenya aren’t getting along?

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8 Replies to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann Attacks Kenya Moore for Quick Wedding During Fight”

  1. I just remember how Kim came onto the show…as a concubine. I’ve just never been able to get behind a woman who does that sort of thing…oh and by the way, Kim was actually the first Bravo Housewife to use cancer as a ploy for sympathy: it happened at the first season reunion. She implied that she had it and it was cured or some such nonsense (lies). I just can’t vibe with how she portrays herself, she reminds me of someone who tried to be an Erika Jayne in her life- but fell short by every characteristic imaginable- in creativity, in savvy, and in good common sense .

  2. This woman will use any type of ploy she can to keep herself front and center, whether we want to see her or not. Now the fact that Brielle feels the need to defend her mother is more than I can tolerate. Brielle’s comments have no place in the show or anywhere else. This kid should be out mingling with other people her age and not interjected in to adult situations. Kim is nothing more than an attention whore who will say and/or do anything as long as there is a paycheck attached to it. This probably makes her the head of the household now that Kroy doesn’t seem to be in high demand in either the AFL or the NFL. At least those franchises have some class and probably ran away form this “tribe” before signing him on and having to put up with the entire bunch of them!

    1. I have to admit I always feel uncomfortable when reality stars bring their children into the social media spotlight and allow if not downright encourage them to act out in such a vulgar way. It’s really such a terrible indication of how they were raised. I’ve been seeing this phenomenon on a couple of shows, and interestingly enough the common thread they all seem to share are overindulgent parents who treat their kid more like buddies than young minds that should be guided to achieve or have integrity – the kids are usually rebellious, have little respect or appreciation for the lifestyle their parents provide, too. It’s almost scary to think this is going to be a huge chunk of the generation that will be responsible for making the world go ’round once we’re too old (shudder)…!

  3. Fame whore meets white trash! WWW mud slinging contest! One is a aging beauty queen..who made it on her own (at a price/traded kids/family for fame) but a “go getter” who is a pretty savy/smart gal on her own ( just dumb choices in men until now)! The other KZ is just a “has been” gold digger propped up by a million dollars worth of plastic surgery! She’s destroyed her young studs career.. spent all his money on obsessive fountain of youth plastic surgeries, million dollar jewelry, cars, houses, clothes..destroyed his relationship w his parents like she destroyed hers….She is a sellfish rotten mother who has turned her eldest into a self obsessed dingbat like her.. trash talking cursing brats..while her clueless husband walks around with his head up her behind! Amazing! What causes a level headed guy from a Christian family to throw everything away for a whore like this (including his family is beyond me)! When he finally faces why she’s there and what she’s done to him.. he’s gonna walk! It may take awhile because he’s still young and there’s the hook (four kids with her)! She knew how to “lock and load” on him.. she’s been around the block a few times! Look at her.. obsessed selfies..she looks like a hideous plastic Barbie doll with the blowfish lips..shes really getting spooky looking! She has always lived off of men using her body in exchange for gifts/goodies ! courtesans like her have always existed bartering their goods in exchange for worldly possessions! But you don’t marry them and make them the mother of your children! She is one of the most “unintriguing, dull and empty” human beings I’ve ever seen! Kenya at least has a “story” and while damaged is authentic ..educated, has created her own success story, built her own home, and had her own career! If KZ ever worked as a nurse it was to prey on rich old guys.. don’t kid yourself! Disgusted!

    1. Harsh, but true. When they first got together all I saw was a target. Kroy seemed so nice and, well, vanilla (I.e., unsoiled)- he looked like nothing more than a “mark” for a woman like Kim. In earlier years of the show there were former friends of hers running around all the urban media outlets giving tell all interviews about her stripper past catering to older gentleman – where her stripper “persona” was, you guessed it, a nurse. A gal like Kim knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to men…the part that makes me queasy is the idea that she’s brought her daughter up to be her spitting image. I absolutely hated that joke Tweet she posted a few months back asking singer John Legend “who does Brielle have to blow” to get tickets to his concert. Joke or not that really says everything we need to know about Kim’s values. I’d bet money that you wouldn’t see a post like that from women like LVP, Kyle Richards, Yolanda Hadid Camille Grammer, Cynthia Bailey or any of the New York Girls when referring to their daughters.

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