Kim Richards Will Leave Rehab To Attend Daughter Brooke’s Second Wedding


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been in rehab for about week. After making it very clear that she would not miss her daughter Brooke Brinson’s second wedding before she entered treatment, we have learned that Kim WILL be leaving rehab to attend her daughter’s wedding, which is out of the county.

“Before Kim agreed to check in to rehab in Malibu, she made an agreement with the facility that she would be allowed to leave to attend Brooke’s wedding,” a source reveals.

As you might remember, Brooke already got married last summer at Kathy Hilton’s house, which was filmed for RHOBH. But she has been planning a second ceremony with her husband, Thayer Wiederhorn.

“The wedding will be taking place in a few weeks, and will be out of the country,” a source tells RadarOnline, adding that Kim will attend with a few stipulations to protect her sobriety. “A staffer from the facility will act as Kim’s chaperone, to make sure Kim doesn’t drink or take any other substances.”

“Dr. Phil will be paying the bill for the staffer to go with Kim,” the source adds.

To check out photos from Brooke’s first wedding, click here.

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23 Replies to “Kim Richards Will Leave Rehab To Attend Daughter Brooke’s Second Wedding”

  1. What I’m more curious about is why her daughter is having a second wedding almost a year after the first one?

    1. I recall reading that she rushed a smaller wedding so that Monty could attend before he became too incapacitated, or worse. Sad but sweet.

    2. This woman doesn’t deserve Dr. Phil to pay for her rehab and other things. She is a spoiled brat and many other poor people deserve his handouts more. This is a travesty.

      1. You’re right, she doesn’t deserve it. But until EVERYONE (Kathy!) stops bailing her out of trouble and making excuses (thereby enabling), she will continue this downward spiral.

        It is with absolutely no satisfaction that I say that I believe Kim is far from rock bottom. Not even close. And that’s very sad for her and her family.

  2. Anonymous- EXACTLY! Dr. Phil is paying for her rehab and she deserves this why? Why does she not have health insurance? Anyone can get it, you just have to choose to pay for it, rather than buying say, oh, I don’t know, a DOG!

  3. So much for Kim doing GREAT. so what if she has a “chaperone”….addicts find a way to score, so will Kim.

  4. Leave Kim alone…. Obviously she is going to her daughters wedding…boring article must be a slow news day.

    1. ANY article about Kim is a slow news day. I’d rather watch an episode of ‘Intervention’. Hell. I’d rather watch paint dry. Kim’s story is as dry as her skin. By Felicia.

  5. This is distasteful to me. I do understand she wants to go to her daughter’s 2nd wedding, but it’s a destiny wedding, more money wasted. Things have come too easy for Kim. Others, by blood, sweat,tears wants the help. Kim is getting it handed to her on a silver platter & a chaperone is being paid to nursemaid the brat. But is she really serious about wanting the help? I do not feel so sympathetic right now.

  6. What kind of a way is that to stay sober with someone watching you?? Kim needs to not go to that wedding. She is not “going to any lengths” for her sobriety as it says in the Big Book of AA.

  7. I guess Kim thinks that since the wedding is out of the country – No one will know about her problem … Yeah right – they can read too !

  8. For someone who talks about the dangers of enabling, Dr Phil paying for anything seems rather ridiculous considering all the people out there who would truly benefit and be grateful for such help. I get the theory about the second wedding and certainly wanting to attend as a Mom, but the whole thing – the expense, the ceremony etc – is incredibly narcissistic. The ego of some people is appalling.

    1. I’m leaning toward you’re thinking. It seems that as much as Dr. Phil says no compromise or special “Star” treatment, Kim Richards got just that.

  9. Big time disagree with this decision. Kim has already seen her daughter get married. She needs to stay in hardcore rehab. No exceptions.

  10. Big picture…could be worse by not going…using it as an excuse to relapse. Sometimes things should be left to professionals to decide what’s best.

  11. Unfortunately, Kim’s story is typical of those who enter AA. AA has a failure rate in the upper 90s. This obviously doesn’t work for her (or 98% of others who’ve tried it). Maybe try another route? They’re out there.

  12. I have some really frustrating feelings about Kim’s family. They are all such a mess it’s difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on. First. Brooke got married prior so that IF her father was to pass away he could walk her down the aisle and have a special day with his kid. NOW with all the crap going on with Kim and her alcohol and control and her past childhood trauma I think Brooke should have just scratched the second wedding and just let the family focus on the immediate problem. It’s seems to me these kids of Kim’s are very selfish children and are all about themselves. Plus who is paying for it. I understand her husband is the Prince of Fatburger which I believe is like Northern California’s In and Out or The counter Burgers. Anyway he has money. SO all of this crap opens up the fact that Kim is going to leave rehab to attend the wedding which is a BIG NO NO…… Never should she be allowed to leave. She is sick and she has NOT hit her bottom yet. If she had she would be focused on one thing and one thing only her sobriety and her pill problems. If just ridiculous this has been going on for such a long time and this woman is going to hit it and when she does she will hit it hard. THat is not going to be a pretty site at all.

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