Kim Richards, Why She Told Adrienne Maloof What Brandi Glanville Said!

Kim Richards

Kim Richards found herself in the middle of the drama on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Especially right in between the feud between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof, where Adrienne has taken legal action against Brandi. In her Bravo Blog Kim explains what she was thinking when Brandi revealed Adrienne’s “secret,” and why she decided to handle things the way she did. Kim says she was only trying to be a good friend to Adrienne, and she didn’t mean to cause any harm. Read what else Kim said below!

Kim writes, “When we first sat down, Lisa said she could tell I was doing well, because I looked well. Those are things in early recovery that you need to hear. When Lisa asked me if I felt strong in my sobriety or if there are days that I felt like I could relapse, I tried to explain to her that there were people and situations that were frustrating, hurtful, or overwhelming for me. Those feelings and that pain that I had made me fearful of where those emotions could take me had I not dealt with them properly. That’s why I was working with my life coach, my therapist, and PRAYER, which is a very big part of my recovery. And of course the Twelve Steps. These tools have given me the strength to stay sober through some very difficult times. Looking at my sister’s face, I couldn’t figure out exactly what she was feeling. When someone said “Is that person at the table?,” to be quite honest, there were a few of them at the table that have sparked those emotions in me. But I genuinely care about all of them, so it’s important for me to work through this for myself, and with them, while maintaining my sobriety the whole time, which is new for me.

Lunch was going great, until Brandi talked about what all went down with her and Adrienne. When someone doesn’t like someone or doesn’t get along with them, sometimes they don’t say very nice things. We’ve all been guilty of that, but I felt like Brandi talking against Adrienne, and all the girls just sitting there, while nobody was defending her or stopping it, was wrong. I almost felt new to the group, as I really am just getting to know everybody after two years. Brandi started with “Well, I think she lies a lot, doesn’t have a book deal, and something about an argument over the phone regarding Lisa.” But then, Brandi said something that made my mouth drop.

When I heard it, I felt like a knife went through me for Adrienne. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. As close as Adrienne and I have been over the last few years, I felt like if it were true, I would have known about it for sure. And if I didn’t know, then she didn’t want anybody to know. This is Adrienne’s family, her loved ones are involved here. I feel like Brandi and I are just getting off to a good start and having some fun. Brandi said one time “You don’t talk about my babies,” and that was only about her kids going potty by the pool. She was soooo upset about that. I don’t know what she would do if someone said something like this about her family. I’m sure looking back; she must see that this was wrong. I’ve gotten to know Brandi, and I feel she is a good person, and I’m sure she deep down she knows this is wrong to expose this family in this way. I had to get up and leave the table. I went into the ladies room to think about what I needed to do. I needed to say something to Brandi. I took a deep breath, came out very calm and I was ready to talk to Brandi. But the conversation had shifted when I came out, and it was not the right time.

When I got home, I called Adrienne right away, I thought it was important that she knew about this. This is not something that should get around, and Adrienne needs to make a phone call and stop this. This was something she needed to know.

When I saw Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s event, I pulled them aside right away, since she hadn’t called me back. This may have not been the right timing, but I just didn’t feel it could wait. I thought maybe they could talk to Brandi and put a stop to this, as it could potentially be devastating to their family. I felt so bad for Paul and Adrienne. I just don’t understand why nobody else spoke up on Adrienne and Paul’s behalf.

There is no nice ending to this situation at this point, but I did what I felt I needed to do as a friend. As far as Brandi and I go, we’re good. I don’t always agree with the things she says or does, but I’m sure she feels the same about me. I hope you all understand that I came from a caring place, and I didn’t mean to make trouble for anyone. I just felt I had an obligation, as this could be harmful to any family, and especially my friends.”

Tell Us- Do YOU think Kim did the right thing?

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5 Replies to “Kim Richards, Why She Told Adrienne Maloof What Brandi Glanville Said!”

  1. I think that Kim may have come from a good place BUT her timing was not good. She stated in her blog that she wanted to talk to Brandi but after returning from the restroom the conversation had shifted and it was “not a good time”. They were in the private room of a resturant which was best place YET she chose a business launch party in front of everyone tell Adrienne and Paul! I think she could have waited until after the party to tell them OR at the very least have them go back outside away from the guests. She had to know that once they heard what Brandi said and seeing her face it was going to set them off. It definitely could have been handled better than that. Now the one who should be upset most of all is Maurico who had potential clients there. Now these people will look at him as if he deals with a bunch of loud,cursing,disrespectful people.

  2. ” I just don’t understand why nobody else spoke up on Adrienne and Paul’s behalf.” That’s a great statement Kim. It certainly seems that “all these women” enjoy seeing and creating other people’s misery. You all seem to lack any kind of empathy for other human beings. Everyone just blurts out without thinking. So selfish. Terrible role models for all your children. The smartest thing to do is zip it!

  3. I felt like Kim was correct in what she did,when is a “good” time to tell someone that someone else was trying to slander,one’s family? I feel as if Brandi’s after Adrienne because she has Lisa’s “backing”. Brandi says hateful things to people and feel as if a “I’m sorry” is okay, later. Kim is in a good place and it’s great to see her like this. She is thinking clear and precise.

  4. At the very least, she should have waited until after the party not at the begining, or better yet not at a social function, ever. Rushing to do the telling at that size gathering…..would NEVER in a million years go over quietly with a group like that’s history. Will they ever learn discretion, discretion, discretion.

  5. What is the big deal that Brandi told that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her children!! Women use surrogates all the time for whatever reason. Adrienne only got mad because she got caught in the lie that she had actually given birth to her children. I used to like Adrienne when the show first started but I started noticing that she was always making nasty remarks about Paul and to Paul. It seemed that he was always trying to be playful and sweet and she would only come back at him with nastiness. I really lost respect for her when she washed the chicken with handsoap!! What an idiot!!

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