Kim Richards Talks About Her Road To Sobriety & Her Decision To Return To RHOBH!

Kim Richards appeared with her sister Kyle on Access Hollywood Live, Wednesday, and she really opened up about her sobriety and her road to recovery. She discussed the pressure of going through recovery in the public eye, and how difficult it is to maintain with her lifestyle. She also explains her decision to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She says that so many people saw her struggle, she wanted to share her journey with other people that are struggling with their sobriety, she wants others to know that if she can do, they can do it too.

Kim goes on the explain that she wanted to return to Season 3 to show viewers the REAL Kim, and Kyle agreed that viewers haven’t gotten to see who Kim really is over the past two seasons, because of her struggles.

Kim and Kyle also reveal that they have mended their relationship as sisters. Kyle goes on to say that when they are together they act like 5-year old girls, and they still bicker as sisters do.

It’s a very candid and great interview, I highly recommend you watch! The video is below! I’d just like to say I think Kim is awesome, and very brave for sharing her journey with viewers!

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Access Hollywood


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