Kim Richards Supports Sister Kyle Richards as American Woman Premieres

Kyle Richards’ new show American Woman has caused a rift in her family, so we were happy to see Kyle’s sister Kim Richards share a supportive tweet about the new show.

Kyle has repeatedly said that the show is loosely based on her life and that she is not trying to tell anyone else’s story. Although Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards were not loving the idea of their childhood turned into a TV show, Kyle kept going forward with the project and it premiered last week.

Kim posted a special tweet that seemed like she was totally supportive of her sister.

Kim also defended her sisters when she saw some negative comments. “We were all raised by the same Mother & Father!! I am beginning to get upset by all the mean comments! My sisters & I all love each other! &Yes! Sometimes families have issues & unfortunately we are in the media! I love both my sisters. But u know nothing about us.”

No word on Kathy’s reaction… yet.


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